A lovely week at Ce Soir Arts – Poetry, Music, and Art – oh, my!

Whilst we have been working IRL on storm repairs at home, life at Ce Soir Arts has been thriving. The simply outstanding readings from Ce Soir Arts Poet Laureate Russell Eponym have continued to enchant and enlighten all who gather at The Magic Tree Reading Spot. This week was a true adventure in the spoken word, and one we won’t soon forget. Old friends and new gathered at Noon on Tuesday, as Russell delved into his collection of poetry and prose – and delighted us with readings both dramatic and comedic. This balance of presentation was well-appointed by specifically chosen recorded music by the beautiful Kate Rusby and Russell’s own lovely compositions played live. It was an hour to remember! We look forward to Tuesdays every week; come join us and you’ll soon know why.

The Poet Laureate Reads
The Poet Laureate Reads

Of course, Thursday rolled around, bringing more from Russell – and from The Sound Jeweler, MoShang Zhao. To say that we anticipate this day each week would be an understatement. Russell Eponym is a premier musician, poet and artist in both RL and SecondLife – as well as other virtual grids. Russell has quite a history and he has done more for the arts in SL than we can fathom. Not only does he provide outstanding artistry of his own, he has encouraged many others. As we are all about inspiration at Ce Soir Arts, that delights us completely!

Russell Eponym 3     Russell arrives early and shares some of the loveliest music as we gather (Kate Rusby!). Then, at the top of the hour, he opens with one of our favourites from his own treasure trove of originals. Russell charms audiences with his velvety voice and pleasing mix of what is aptly termed “Folk, Blues and Beyond.” Historical folk tales set to music, to modern tunes from the likes of Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman, are but a part of his extensive repertoire. Indeed, Russell’s own compositions are the highlight of his performance. This week was no exception, as Russell sang several songs that are new in his set – and he even took on some that have not yet been added, just to see what we thought. We thought it absolutely fantastic, as we do, invariably, each week. Don’t miss this 90 minutes of exceptional musical magic and charming repartée with the ever-enchanting Eponymous Family! There is always laughter, sweet romance, and more to enjoy, so come along. New faces are always welcome at Ce Soir Arts!

MoShang Zhao Delivers the CHILL...
MoShang Zhao
Delivers the CHILL…

After a few hours’ break, we returned for another awaited hour – a visit from the inimitable MoShang ZhaoMoShang drops in at The Castle on his travels round the metaverse to enchant us with the ever-evolving and transcendent Chinese Chill. This unique and captivating blend of downbeat electronica with a deep musical history and an eye to the future is always a joy. We relax, unwind, and get energised all at the same time with MoShang, and friends both old and new gather for the hour, each week. They join us to marvel at these audio jewels that have been plucked from the streets of Taiwan and polished to musical perfection under the skillful hand of The Sound Jeweler himself. His sets are delightfully peppered with just the right amount of informative banter and we are bound to enjoy the hour.

MoShang always arrives early too, and streams in some ambient deliciousness to warm us up as we gather. The hour speeds by, but we get lost in the music so we hardly notice…until it’s over and we can look forward to next time! Come join us next week to see what it’s all about…

AND…we continue to enjoy the artistry of Ranadeep at both The Gallery and The Conservatory at Ce Soir ArtsRanadeep’s work is engaging and transcendent, with intense colors and playful forms to delight the eye and spirit. He is an adventurer, an explorer of the universe – and the metaverse. His artistic brilliance shows in a growing body of work – always new as inspirations move him. We are so pleased to host his wonderful and unique exhibit FRACTAL FANTASY at Ce Soir Arts. It is an adventure in art, and we do hope you’ll come see before the exhibit closes this coming weekend! Many have visited, and some have left notes of praise for Ranadeep; others have commented to us, personally, and the kudos just keep on coming. What a joy it is to see the evolution of such an artist’s work – and to share in the joy and amazement of those who come to explore it. Thank you, Ranadeep! May the future continue to inspire and delight you, as we are certain it will those who view your work.

Ranadeep's FRACTAL FANTASY - The Gallery
Ranadeep’s FRACTAL FANTASY-The Gallery
Ranadeep 3
Ranadeep’s FRACTAL FANTASY – The Conservatory

Come, enjoy FRACTAL FANTASY and be inspired tonight!

Venue Landing Point and The Magic Tree Reading Spot

The Gallery and The Conservatory

PS: Look for Aeon and me to do a reading soon to honour the memory and rich legacy of poet Maya Angelou, who passed this week. May she rest in peace and know the outpouring of love and appreciation from the hearts of so many…

3 thoughts on “A lovely week at Ce Soir Arts – Poetry, Music, and Art – oh, my!

  1. Hi! I attended Russell’s reading at Ce Soir this week, and it was wonderful! RL keeps me from this most of the time, so I was especially happy to be there this week. What a great reading! Thank you for offering such beautiful expressions, Mireille. (And Yay, Russell!)
    My MoonDog came to hear MoShang on Thursday. I wish I could have come along with him, as we think both he and Russell are outstanding!
    Thank you, and best wishes!

  2. PS: We’ve enjoyed Ranadeep’s art so much! We had to buy a couple of his pieces to take home. Fractals are fascinating, and he explores them so beautifully. More thanks…!

  3. Thank you, very much, Willow! It was lovely to see you and your MoonDog, and we hope that the two of you will return and visit us again. Come dance and relax, any time, and – of course – enjoy the art, etc.
    You are so welcome for anything we can offer here that is of enjoyment to you. It is a pleasure to share what we can of beauty and grace in this world. Best to you both!

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