The Art of JudiLynn India at Ce Soir Arts through June…

JudiLynn 5.2014-ProfileCelebrated painter, designer, and gallerist JudiLynn India has brought a stunning collection of her original works to Ce Soir Arts for an exhibit that will capture your imagination and delight your senses. Bright colours, intriguing forms, and deft layering of texture are hallmarks of these striking pieces. Each is unique, imparting its own energy and spirit, evoking an organic sense of connection by the use of earthy tones and the movement of light. Thematically, each work tells a story. Some are reflective and reveal their gifts slowly while others have instantaneous impact, but all invite exploration and you will enjoy as you discover their depths.

An artist since her earliest memory, JudiLynn‘s education and experience are rich with exploration and expression. Technically adept with acrylics and the digital stylus and spiritually inspired, she shares her work with joy and an abiding recognition of the viewer’s interpretation of her vision. At The Ce Soir Arts Gallery on the main level and at The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts above the venue space, the array of pieces JudiLynn has chosen for this exhibit will captivate you. A celebration of JudiLynn‘s art is TBA, so look for information about that soon. In the meantime, come enjoy the journey!

The Art of JudiLynn India at Ce Soir Arts through June
The Art of JudiLynn India at Ce Soir Arts through June

In addition to sharing her remarkable artistry in SecondLife®, JudiLynn‘s work is available for purchase IRL; prints and greeting cards are available. Her sweet tribute to Maya Angelou is included, and she is open to work on commission as well. Moreover, JudiLynn is known for her encouragement of other artists, both experienced and new. Learn more and enjoy as you encounter this exceptional artist and her work.

JudiLynn is on Facebook at and on Twitter at #judilynnart. Visit her website at or email her at

View her work in SL, now at The Gallery at Ce Soir Arts and The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts. Consult the notecard you can receive by clicking the signs to enjoy her work at various other galleries in-world.

Come, be inspired…tonight!

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