Summer and les vacances…

Glory of glories, it’s SUMMER! Some of you may know that whilst I am not a summer girl (preferring the rich, cooling autumn and the depths of winter), I nevertheless enjoy the lightness of the season. Who can look askance at the opportunity to travel, to explore, to learn – or to rest and relax? Of course, there are tasks to be accomplished IRL as we bring our home and properties back to some semblance of order following the storms, but even those are less onerous on sunny days, and throwing open the windows is a joy as the sweet mingled fragrance of lilacs and roses fill the air. Even the nights in Ce Soir are fresher, somehow…

Summer night on Ce Soir Bay
Summer night on Ce Soir Bay

During the summer, things will be a bit quieter at Ce Soir Arts, especially in JULY. Russell and MoShang will continue their weekly visits for poetry and music – and the place will be open throughout for dancing, wandering about, and enjoying time alone or with someone special. Click the links below to join us – and do take the teleporter up the The Oracle Parlor and The Conservatory to enjoy the freshness of newly-fallen snow; it’s quite invigorating on a hot summer day in RL – and quite fitting if you’re in wintertime. This “wintry escape” as we’ve taken to calling it is a very special place for us; we hope you enjoy it as well!

Aeon and I will be present each Tuesday at NOON SLT for poetry and musings from The Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts (the inimitable Russell Eponym, of course). We hope you’ll join us at The Magic Tree Reading Spot for an hour of reading and rumination you won’t soon forget. Russell shares from his extensive collection of classical and modern poetry and prose including some of his own luminous writings. Opening with some of the loveliest recorded music to be found anywhere, played as we gather, and leading into some of Russell‘s own songs, the hour is well-appointed. Russell’s repertoire is extensive and includes the deft use of dialects and accents that will have you spellbound. Do come along!

On Thursdays at 2 PM SLT, we’ll also join in to enjoy Russell‘s enchanting mix of folk, blues, and beyond at Ce Soir Castle. Historical folk tales set to music and his own charming compositions fill the halls with magic for 90 minutes of music (and a wee bit of mayhem!) as The Eponymous Family and Friends gather for a great time. After a break, we’ll be back to groove into MoShang Zhao‘s übercool rhythms in the transcendent Chinese Chill – the perfect way to end (or start!) any day. Come relax and be invigorated at the same time with MoShang, The Sound Jeweler; you’ll be glad you did!

The Gallery and The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts are on hiatus, following the exciting exhibit we were honoured to host in June with The Art of JudiLynn India. Striking pieces that so clearly demonstrated her innate talents as an artist and designer. Do visit her personal in-world gallery to enjoy more of her work. See the list below from artists who’ve been exhibiting with us of late so that you can visit (or revisit) their exceptional art:

JudiLynn India, whose striking works are deeply moving and quite compelling… Visit her gallery: The Art of JudiLynn

Ranadeep, whose stunning Fractal Fantasy exhibit simply took our breath away… Visit his gallery: Aakriti Arts

Fuschia Nightfire, whose charming Romance at Ce Soir exhibit so delighted us… Visit her platform at Vision of Beauty Art Complex

Carlotta Ceawlin, whose Dreamscapes exhibit brought such lovely light to us… Visit her gallery: Dreamscapes

Owen Landar, whose continually evolving photographic art always amazes us… Visit his gallery: Omagination Studios

In August, I will be stepping out of my comfort zone to share more of my Words & Pictures at The Gallery and the new Oracle Parlor at Ce Soir Arts. I do hope you’ll come see and that you will enjoy the spirit of my work.

Nostalgie - edited

Until next we meet…enjoy the summer weather – in all the worlds there are!

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