SECRET RAGE: “now I lay me down to sleep” – Exhibit Open at Ce Soir Arts through September…

It’s September and we’re coming back from summer hiatus in grand style, with a long-awaited exhibit from the distinctive and prolific artist Secret Rage. We’ve been admirers of this eclectic and striking creator of 2D and 3D art for some time. Secret has everything from line drawings to machinima in her artistic arsenal, and her collections are teeming with meaning and beauty. Indeed, from the dark and ponderous to the light and whimsical, Secret has it all…including a history rich with the formal study of art at the University of North Texas and the natural inclinations that make it all come together so beautifully. I love the story of her high school art teacher watching her take her own path, stunned by the results. This is what we get to enjoy today, for Secret always takes her own path, and the results are always something to celebrate!

Secret Rage is a top-echelon artist whose work expresses emotion and ideas in ways that are both genuine and all but undefinable. Her use of colour and – often – a foggy veneer is striking and draws the eye and engages the mind. A journey of the soul, this collection, entitled now I lay me down to sleep, is a must-see. The title comes from her penchant for settling down after her daily endeavours in SecondLife™ (and beyond) to draw and create at her home before bedtime (which sometimes can translate to: “morning”).

Whatever the time, Secret’s creations seem to know no bounds, as you will see when exploring this incredible range of art at Ce Soir Arts – which for now is 2D works gathered at the new (by Secret’s creation) Gallery at Landing. Literally, as you land at Ce Soir Arts now, you are immersed in her exhibit. We. Love. It. You will too – and you’ll also enjoy the celebration of Secret‘s art, coming soon! We just have a few details to work out, but it is guaranteed to be a great time of music and art and friends gathering to applaud this collection and this artist, so deserving of our honour. I guarantee that you won’t want to miss it, so check back for details; I will post them as soon as they are available!

Aeon notes that there is something new around every corner in this exhibit. As you peruse the many faces of her work, you will find yourself exploring your own soul. Secret reveals much in these pieces, but also leaves much for the viewer to ascertain within. It is indeed a journey of the soul, an exploration of the spirit, and the themes interweave as you gaze. There is ferocity and tenderness, pain and peace. Come, be challenged and nourished; the exhibit will be open through September at Ce Soir Arts. And maybe…just maybe…we can successfully implore her to add a bit of machinima somewhere on the sim. Mireille Jenvieve muses…The Conservatory is vacant…and that could change…

Come…be inspired tonight!

Stunning exhibit from Secret Rage open through September...
Stunning exhibit from Secret Rage open through September…

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