This just in…NEAL HOFFMANN & SAINTESS LARNIA to Celebrate the Art of SECRET RAGE this Saturday at Ce Soir Arts!!!!

You read that right! Two of the UK’s finest musicians who play in SL will be cruising in to Ce Soir Arts this Saturday – 13th September – to help us all celebrate the art of Secret Rage as her month-long exhibit at Ce Soir Arts Gallery at Landing continues! We are so enjoying Secret’s exhibit “now I lay me down to sleep” – which is, as Aeon says, “a journey of the soul.” Indeed, this stunning collection of Secret’s unique 2D work will tap you on the shoulder and make you think. So much emotion runs through these captivating pieces that you’ll likely need to slow down and spend a bit of time with them. As a collection, they evoke anger, tenderness, fear, and wonder – as they present scenes of stark reality and sweeping fantasy.You will have your own response…and you won’t want to miss that…

So…to celebrate, we’re hosting a two-hour event that you’ll definitely want to attend. Wonderful original music and deft covers will flow from these two outstanding musicians, filling the sim with even more magic!

Join us for two hours of exceptional music and enjoy both the sounds and the art of Secret Rage!
Join us for two hours of exceptional sound and visual art. Enjoy the delightful music of Neal and Saintess – and the unique and compelling art of Secret Rage!

NEAL HOFFMANN streams live from the UK, bringing a gentle, soulful sound to his SL performances. As a talented singer and songwriter, Neal, who accompanies himself on the guitar (and we understand he has brand-new one he likes very much!), has been part of the successful band Amphibic in RL for some time, and he brings this experience and his love of music and audience interaction to the Ce Soir Arts stage. Do not miss this, as this music is a feast for your ears – and your heart!

SAINTESS LARNIA, a beloved performer whose stunning vocals will fill the venue with energy and grace, also streams live from the UK. Saintess captures your heart as she shares her view on the modern girl in a sweet and sassy mix of tunes that will keep you humming. New songs will soon appear on a much-awaited album, and we are excited about that! Come along for an hour of delightful, high-end music with the lovely and charming Saintess, whose musical stylings will simply take your breath away!

Stunning exhibit from Secret Rage open through September...
Stunning exhibit from Secret Rage open through September…

We’ll see you here on Saturday for the celebration, but come along any time to enjoy Secret’s striking works. You’ll be glad you did!

Come…be inspired tonight! Your flight to Ce Soir Arts: The Gallery at Landing.

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