Everyone’s got the travel bug! MoShang off to Rome to share his new wonderment: the Groovesizer!

We will definitely miss MoShang the next couple of weeks, but we send him off with a grand BON VOYAGE as he takes to the skies and travels to Rome to share his amazing TB2 and other Groovesizers at the European Maker Faire. His work and his music are wonderfully unique and  extremely CHILL… Check him out at Groovesizer.com and stay tuned for updates on his travels and activities. Until he returns on Thursday, 16th October at his regular time of 8 PM SLT at Ce Soir Castle, send him your positive vibes, and catch some of his free and to-purchase music for download at Spotify or iTunes. Enjoy the CHILL…

MoShang at Ce Soir - 0614 3
MoShang grooves at The Castle

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