Aujourd’hui c’est mon anniversaire et j’ai de bonnes actualité à vous annoncer !

I am feeling a wee bit French today, as it is my birthday – and a happy one on this sunny day in September. Ah…autumn is in the air!

And now, to the really good news: Our present artist exhibiting at Gallery at Landing at Ce Soir Arts, the unique and expressive Secret Rage, has agreed to share her work with us for two more weeks! This is excellent news, and I know that many more will come to enjoy this stunning exhibit. “now I lay me down to sleep” is a peek into what Secret does when she logs off SL for the night – usually after a busy day of work at AView TV and in her many other endeavours. She’s always about when something good is happening – such as her work with various charities like this last season’s Art in Hats with Quan Lavender, Chloe Seljan, and friends. That was an outstanding event, and Secret‘s donation of SIX gothic hats for the auction (won by meeeeee!) and her dancing made a great and positive impact on the results of the event.

Goodness, there is so much to say… There is a notecard in the sign at landing, so please click and read about this fascinating artist. Her history and process are compelling. So, if you’ve not yet, do pop round to The Gallery at Landing here at Ce Soir Arts and immerse yourself in this journey of the soul… Leave a note for Secret at the Guest Book, and be inspired tonight!

"now I lay me down to sleep" by Secret Rage at Ce Soir Arts through mid-October
“now I lay me down to sleep” by Secret Rage at Ce Soir Arts through mid-October

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