A little Hallowe’en fun to kick off the week…

Russell is still in Australia, but will be returning to Wales next week. This will mean no reading on Tuesday, 04 November. However, he was at The Magic Tree today at 4 PM, in fine form and some Hallowe’en finery. Friends gathered in a festive mood, ready for Hallowe’en hijinx of the first order. Aeon and I rode in as “Oscar and Anna,” two very classy steampunk characters from Alia Baroque at Fallen Gods. “The landed gentry,” we were indeed, haughty in our horse-drawn carriage, greeting the plebians! (Just kidding, of course!)

"Oscar and Anna" Drive up to The Magic Tree
“Oscar and Anna” prepare to drive up to The Magic Tree

Russell was divine in his pirate gear, his white plumes flying! He shared a full programme of delightful verse, just perfect for the autumn season – including one of my all-time favourites: Ode to Autumn by the incredible John Keats. It was a wonderful hour, with just the right Hallowe’en edge!

Russell Reading Hallowe'en
Russell Reading Hallowe’en Week at The Magic Tree


Russell Reading Hallowe’en 2014

Russell will play at The Castle for the MAD MASQUERADE at 3 PM SLT on Thursday – All Hallows’ Eve Eve…muahahaha!

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