Winter. Just the word and how it forms in the mouth makes me smile. I feel the icy briskness of the winds and remember standing with Aeon at the crest of a hill near our home at dusk, looking down at the valley below. Holiday lights were twinkling and the cobalt blue sky deepened around an aura of silvery glow that wrapped us in warmth against the chill of the night. How the moonbeams scattered like glitter across the pristine snows! How they echoed the shining stars twinkling above! Ah! Such a moment. It is one never to forget… a White World 1114

Winter Love…


Ice Dancing…

Enjoy the winter weather – whatever it may be in your part of the world. If the sun is shining on sparkling waters at the beach or glinting off dewy green grasses, or if it is bringing a bright glow to icy firs or touching the land with white wonder – take it all in and rejoice!

The wonderful photographic artist Owen Landar has a lovely exhibit on at his wonderful Omagination Art Gallery. The exhibit, WHITE, offers some striking pieces reflecting both the warmth and the chill of that glorious colour, made by the combination of all colours in the spectrum. Do go visit to enjoy some of Owen’s newest works as well as those by many beloved artists.

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