Something fun for the New Year…a recurring challenge from Vanessa!

If you know Venessa Blaylock (or just know of her!), you are already shimmering with excitement to see what she’s gotten us all up to with this new challenge. It’s #1 for 2015, so…buckle up, people, the Friday Artist Challenges are going to be amazing!

For this challenge – “Avatar-in-a-Box,” we were asked to, well, place our avatars in some kind of box. There were no holds barred, and you’ve just GOT to see some of the clever and well-done photos! Some of them are…a scream! And some of them are just downright dreamy… Check them out at her flickr group page, and  if you want to do one of your own, visit Vanessa’s blog for details. She’s got some interesting things going on (of course!), so check it all out.

Don’t miss Strawberry Singh’s entry or the one from Peep! Do check those out, but for now, here’s what we came up with. Wheeeee!

Merry Christmas, Aeon!

Aeon as Christmas Tree Ornament (BIG Christmas Tree!)

Aeon & Mireille: Lost in Space!

We had a ball doing these photos. Credits for items listed below…

Top Photo: Gift box (that I am in) by me;dress (Jones, in crimson) by coldLogic for coldLogic; Regency black boots by Bax Cohen for Bax Cohen Designs; hair (Pia, in crow) by Truth Hawks for Truth Hair; skin (Yasmin, in Med 5Dk) by Shyla Boucher for Belleza.

Middle Photo:  Tree (Classic White Snow) by Winter DiPrima for LAQ Decor; ornament (that Aeon is in) by me; throne (Sultan’s Throne) by Grey Kurka for GK (could not find, so may not be available); tux by Paul LaPointe for Evocative Weddings; Victorian top hat (in black) by Siyu Suen for Illusions; hair (Scott, in coal) by Din Raymaker for Uw St.; glasses (Steam) by Nibb Tardis for PrimOptic (MarketPlace).

Bottom Photo: Box (that Aeon and I are in) by me; poses and swag (avatar outfits) by Del May for Del May – skin by Fade Lei for Ugly Duck – those two worked together on the Mime Project, and the whole kit and kaboodle is a FREEBIE now at Del May! I could not believe my luck when I was out looking for mime poses today. I should have known that Del May was my best bet, but…a FREEBIE? WOW. Check out all the other cool singles and couples poses there when you go.

Happy New Years

4 thoughts on “Something fun for the New Year…a recurring challenge from Vanessa!

  1. Wow Mireille & Aeon – 3 fantastic pix! A whole other vision from whatever I imagined at the beginning! 🙂

    And, oh yes, this Friday’s “Role Reversal” challenge will be interesting… you two might be able to collaborate with each other on it… the mind reels at the possibilities.

    Thanks so much for playing, A… N… D… **SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!**


  2. We had a great time doing those – and always learning something important about lighting and poses. We are rank amateurs – but what fun we have!
    Thank you for the totally brill idea! Now…we are exploring the next one!
    Happy New Year – and beyond! xox

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