My latest Monday Meme yet! FRIDAY??? Wow…

I sort of feel guilty for posting this so late, but I really thought this was interesting…so here it is! Pop round to Strawberry Singh‘s great blog for all the details – and a lot more!

Two online screen names you’ve had: DrmGrl comes to mind, and I am sure you can “translate” to DreamGirl. That was some time ago in a chat circle that I enjoyed; I have two good friends from that time and we still chat.

Two video games you’ve played: Ummm…NONE. I tried two, but I just couldn’t get into either one.

Two things you love about Second Life: I love the art and expression of SL – and meeting so many interesting people from around the world; however, I have to admit that I really enjoy coming in-world and shopping, changing how Mireille dresses, building (even the low-skill building I do), and relaxing on my own. It is wonderful that I can choose to listen to music and sounds – or be perfectly quiet.

Two things you’ve done in Second Life: I’ve dreamed a dream and made it come true: Ce Soir Arts. I remember the night I built the base of the venue. Aeon and I had just found and purchased the three beautiful buildings – the Hall of Mysts, the Residence of Mysts and the Dome of Mysts from talented creator Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods. I could not wait to get started, so made a platform for the Hall and rezzed it out above our home sim. It didn’t take long, really, but I flew about up over Ce Soir for several hours, and before I knew it the main venue was set (well, the building was secure) – and morning had come. Aeon had fallen asleep on the sofa whilst I was working there in the den; he brought me some coffee about 5 AM, and we looked everything over and were happy.He just let me go and design the place. Thank goodness for some help along the way (especially Garvie Garzo, Westy Avro, and MuddyT!). The rest, as they say, is history.

Two things you still want to do in Second Life: I want to create more spaces in SL. I have some ideas. I also want to extend my own art here – both Words & Pictures and – once I decide how – my mosaics. I want to focus more on theatre as well.

Two things you like about your Second Life avatar: I like Mireille‘s shape and her style; she’s sweet and sassy.

Two of your Second Life Pet Peeves: Use of Netspeak and poor grammar concern me; I try to be tolerant, but it’s a challenge. Hmmm…I used to really dislike alpha problems. Those are so infrequent now, but there is one stubborn one just outside our home. I’m working on it and will probably remove the offending item when I can find a suitable replacement.

Two things you did as a newb that you’re embarrassed of: Oh, my… My cousin (who shall at this time remain nameless) and I used to go to castle and other large building shoppes and derez the sample structures with people in them. How awful! I am truly sorry! The other thing was that I used to always fall into bodies of water. I don’t know why, but I would fall off bridges into lakes and streams, stumble into fountains, walk off the edges of sims into the ocean…even take a dip in a tub (unintentionally).

Two of your closest friends in Second Life: Garvie Garzo and Secret Rage. Garvie is the builder extraordinaire who created textures and more as Ce Soir Arts came into being. She teaches at the prestigious Builders Brewery where I learnt most everything I know about building (the rest came from my cousin and trial-and-error). Secret Rage is an exceptional artist and machinimist who has inspired and encouraged me. She’s more than “gal Friday” at AView TV and busy as a bee. I think the two of them will claim me!

Two of the most beloved things in your inventory: First is my shape – it’s been mine since day two (my first shopping trip). I met creator Lorac Farella (Pulse Skins) that day, and she gave me Bella; it’s since been “tweaked” a bit, but it’s still Bella, and it’s still Mireille! Second is a tie! I own some art by Lorac Farella (the aforementioned creative genius). She actually had a show at Ce Soir Arts a couple of years ago, and her work is absolutely astounding; I cherish those pieces! Tying for second is the first piece of my own art hung in the Ce Soir Arts Gallery.

FROM STRAWBERRY: Please remember that you can participate in any of the memes/challenges at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years. You don’t have to have a blog to do this challenge, you can share your words in the comments or on any social platform.

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