RUSSELL EPONYM to open SPRING! Art Exhibit at Ce Soir Arts – Thursday, 07 May!

We have exciting news at Ce Soir Arts! Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence RUSSELL EPONYM will provide a special musical celebration for the SPRING Exhibit at our Main Gallery. This collection of art celebrating the season is a joy to us and includes work by some of the most gifted of artists in S: including Russell, himself! These talented artists come from around the world and many backgrounds and interests – and these characteristics and qualities shine forth in these luminous works. Each one evokes a special feeling, so do come enjoy!


Russell is Artist-in-Residence and Poet Laureate at Ce Soir Arts, and his many talents include painting enchanting scenes from his home in Wales and his travels. Five of his lovely pieces are on exhibit, so come enjoy these charming notes of SPRING from the one-and-only Russell!
Find more of his work at the Peace is a Choice Gallery in SL

Xirana’s florals that are on exhibit this month are sweet, delicate, and definitely evocative of SPRING! You will admire the rhythmic brushwork of this Catalan artist – both in her pastel pieces as well as those dancing with colour. Note the intricate detail of each piece as they captivate your eyes – and your soul.
Visit Xirana’s Art Studio to see more of her work

An American original, Owen brings such energy to his work, and the two pieces on exhibit this May are filled to the brim with humming electricity. There is an exuberance that captures the spirit of the newness, the celebration, of the season: SPRING!
See more of his work and that of others at his Omagination Art Gallery

Judi Lynn’s striking, colourful work provides a lively introduction to SPRING! This celebrated painter, designer, and gallerist brings her extensive education and experience to bear in this piece – unique to this exhibit at Ce Soir Arts. Visit Judi Lynn’s personal gallery, The Art of Judi Lynn Studio and Gallery

Secret takes her inspirations from surprising places and finds within unique perspectives to explore. For this exhibit, she has created a beautiful sculptural piece that expresses the vibrancy of SPRING and the engagement between people – and the environment that surrounds them.
See her amazing machinima at AView TV 24 Hour Video.

LOQUACIA LOON, a British girl living in Asia
Loquacia is another multi-talent, with deft skills in language and related disciplines as well as photography both in-world and IRL. Well-traveled, you can see the influences as she translates what she sees into gorgeous images. The piece for this exhibit draws you in to relax and enjoy the wonder of SPRING!
Look for more of Loquacia’s work to be exhibited at Ce Soir Arts in 2015!

Sparkie’s work is tender and expressive. In this piece on exhibit for SPRING, we are drawn into this landscape from nature by the unique vision and composition of the work. The bucolic scene captures the imagination as bright flowers and sun frame the majestic subject of the unretouched in-world photo.
See more at Sparkie Cyberstar Photography at THE KEYS. You will land at THE KEYS; Sparkie’s Photography is located at 105/221/24; you might have to wander a bit, but it’s worth it!

Mireille’s work usually incorporates her poetry, and one piece in this exhibit shares her “Words & Pictures” take on in-world photography. Soaking spring rains and the refreshing aftermath of the season’s April showers are a delight to the senses.
More “Words & Pictures” to come at Ce Soir Arts – the Oracle Parlor will be home to this work.

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