Readings with Russell – sheer delight at The Magic Tree Reading Spot in Ce Soir Arts…

Every Tuesday, Aeon and I gaze at one another across the morning breakfast table and smile, knowing that Russell‘s reading is near! To say that we look forward to this each week would be a terrible understatement. Every moment of the experience is relished. From the preparations as Russell lands – oft preceded by friends such as The Captain, British couple John & Coffee, the lovely Eustace, and others – to the last lingering note or word, it’s an enjoyable experience.

Russell always opens the stream with strains of beautiful music. The genre varies from Celtic enchantments to modern guitar classics – and more. He explains each week’s musical offerings – whether from others or his own compositions – and readily relates them to the always insightful Thought for the Day or other themes that meander through his readings. Recently, we were treated to a full round of Vivaldi’s captivating Seasons – focusing on Spring, of course! Timely, as the SPRING! Art Exhibit is open through May at the Ce Soir Arts Gallery & Lawn (read below for details about the art and artists).

Sometimes, Russell reads stories in installments as part of the hour, and we find ourselves looking forward to the next chapter with eager anticipation. Right now, we’re in the midst of The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame – the story of four anthropormorphised animals and their adventures in a pastoral England (or as Grahame called it: “simply messing about in boats”). It’s charming, to say the least, and filled with lessons to boot!

We love storytime, but always, there is poetry and song to be enjoyed when Russell is at The Magic Tree. Do come round – every Tuesday at NOON SLT. We will be delighted to welcome you!

Russell Reading at The Magic Tree
Russell Reading at The Magic Tree

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