RED HEAVEN in at Ce Soir Arts to Celebrate the Art of Fae Varriale – 14th June at 6 PM SLT…

We are very pleased to have work by mystical artist Fae Varriale on exhibit at the Ce Soir Arts Gallery and Lawn through the month of June. You must come enter the dreamworlds Fae so beautifully creates, based on photographs of enchanting creatures taken at some of the most inventive and beautiful builds in Second Life. You will be taken by these magical artworks…and on 14th June, you will also be taken by the fantastic, cutting-edge music of Red Heaven (formerly known in-world as Dragonfly). The band will play  beginning at 6 PM SLT, and you definitely do not want to miss this opportunity…

Red Heaven Promo
Joel Eilde, RED HEAVEN lead.

Red Heaven is a Canadian hard rock band that performs original songs from their first two albums, “Amplification” and “Moth” in-world. The band is fronted by Joel Corey Tamas (Joel Eilde in Second Life), and has been performing in Second Life for over 4 years. Critics praise Red Heaven, saying “[it’s] a surprising mix of a subtle complexity and brutal aggression,” and “[their shows offer] musical themes that take you to several corners of the world and combine to make great music.” Backed with tracks from other band members, in Second Life Joel plays guitar live and sings Red Heaven‘s original songs (which make up the bulk of his set list) and a few covers by bands like the Smashing Pumpkins, Puscifer, The Deftones, and the Black Keys. His style is eclectic and diverse, spanning grungy hardcore rock to eastern influenced melodies to gentle lyrical ballads, and is truly unlike anything you have heard in Second Life before. People flock to these shows – and for good reason! The music is fresh, unique, and exceptionally well-played; the vocals are simply outstanding and the lyrics are engaging and meaningful from a variety of perspectives. The music of Red Heaven is absolutely perfect for a celebration of Fae‘s fantastical artwork!

You will be warmly welcomed to come enjoy this fine music and art at Ce Soir Arts. Join us for a magical hour at Chateau Ce Soir that you won’t soon forget. Gather at The Castle to dance the night away! Peruse Fae‘s artworks as you enjoy the compelling music of Red Heaven – dancing is available sim-wide – and bring your friends! We’re having a party, and you’re invited!

Click here for your magic carpet to a night of mystical magic…! Come…be inspired tonight!

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