SUMMER! Exhibit to Open This Week at Ce Soir Arts Gallery & Lawn…

What a fun summer we are having at Ce Soir Arts! Not only are we enjoying great music with Russell and MoShang (and a few others…!) – not only are we having grand poetry and reading sessions with Russell, Moon & Eala (and a few others!) – we are continuing the SEASONS! Art Exhibits. It’s SUMMER! and we have some wonderful pieces that are evocative of the summer solstice – and all that comes with it. Even those who live in other climes can relate, as Mother Nature draws us together under the dome of sky to enjoy a relaxing yet energetic season: SUMMER!

A musical celebration will be held at some point in July, so watch for the announcement soon! You won’t want to miss that – or this collection of bright and beautiful art!

  SUMMER! The Artists  

Come enjoy and celebrate the work of these outstanding artists!

Xirana’s works on exhibit this month take two views on the season. On the lawn, two restful pieces will make you smile as you dream of cool summer glades, the canopy of trees overhead sheltering you from the summer heat. The two inside the gallery will take you to the earth in this riotous growing season. You will feel the sun and be enveloped in the moisture escaping the soils, as you find yourself admiring the rhythmic brushwork of this Catalan artist. Note the intricate detail of each piece as they captivate and make you long for a summer respite – or take you to a very natural space where summer makes magic with the land.
Visit Xirana’s Art Studio to see more of her work.

Owen brings an undeniable energy to his work, and the special pieces in the SUMMER! exhibit are overflowing with humming electricity. One of his pieces here is an exuberant Jump into the sea under the searing heat of day; you can feel the sun beating down – and the sea foaming up to meet it with a natural, cool response. In addition, a sensual and romantic image sizzles on the canvas; you can feel the HEAT as it shimmers from the central couple, embraced in a dance of life. An American original, Owen keeps surprising us with exciting new work. Truly a work of SUMMER!, this piece is Owen’s quite generous gift to all who visit. Click Heatwave – and enjoy!
See more of his work and that of others at his growing Omagination Art Gallery.


Aelin brings a deep appreciation of the beauty of Second Life to her work; fascinated by the breathtaking virtual landscapes she visits, Aelin captures mercurial moments so that she – and we – can remember them in all their glory. Her interpretations of what she sees as she travels the metaverse are translated seamlessly to the canvas, calling us all in to experience those magical builds anew. Mystical and filled with a confectioner’s dream of colour, these works for the SUMMER! Exhibit inspire and invigorate; even the restful, wistful pieces uplift the spirit.

Visit her main gallery at Flickr and catch her on Facebook too.

A beloved artist, Fuschia, brings us sculptural pieces that evoke that special summer feeling. The animated white Unicorn greets us at the Gallery & Lawn, inviting us to enjoy the work of all the artists sharing their visions of summertime. Life Cycles give us a peek into summer life, as both a beautiful flower and sweet butterfly are born and pass through the stages before us. The lounging Lily Watcher invites us to take a moment to relax by the cooling water. Rose Still Life on Plinth has become a part of the gallery now, as the sun warms it to release its luscious fragrance. Ah, SUMMER! See more of Fuschia’s work at various locations about the grid; check her profile for details – but don’t miss her Resident Artist machinima installation at Paris METRO!

Indea’s work celebrates the common traditions of historical African American cultures. In brilliantly hued paintings that represent the landscapes, customs, and heritage of both the Sea Islands and the bayous of Louisiana, Indea captures the ambience beautifully. Her work, internationally recognized for its cultural and historical significance, is delightful and important. For the SUMMER! Exhibit, Indea shares Sea Island Purple and Sunny. You will feel the warmth of the sun and revel in refreshing breezes sweeping down the hill – or rushing onto shore. Her technique is flawless and the scenes enchanting, inviting us to admire and learn.

View more of Indea’s award-winning work at the Sunrise Gallery and Museum; she created the space to feature displays, artifacts, customs and items unique to these cultures.

Liam is new to offering his photography for sale, and we are pleased to present his premier work for the SUMMER! Exhibit. This piece, Summer Night, is rich with colour. The composition and shadowing are exquisite, revealing nuances of emotion both striking and subtle, as the backdrop fades from view and the figure fills the frame. We look forward to sharing more of Liam’s work and are excited to see his vision come to fruition as the future draws him forward.

Secret shares her inspirations of the season in a beautiful sculptural piece that expresses the lively vibrancy of SUMMER! Focused on the engagement between people, the environment that surrounds them, and the result of their interaction, Growth shouts for joy! The vivid greens and purples of summer florals enliven the dance of the two figures. Their exuberance is undeniable, and it touches all who view. In fact, one patron who dropped by as we were busy beginning the placement of the SUMMER! Exhibit (which will be ready in a day or two) leapt to the skies in a lively dance!
Secret is quite prolific in her artistic endeavours; see her amazing machinima at AView TV 24 Hour Video.

Rhea’s work for the SUMMER! Exhibit, Summer Grazing, evokes a summertime feeling on the trail. Beautiful horses graze happily in this summer field, their drivers’ tent nearby, along with a wagon bursting with fresh-mown hay. Feel the warmth shimmer from the earthen trail and relax into the sun as it hovers overhead. Work has paused at the apex of the day in this pastoral scene, and beauty and rest await…
See more at The Lost Unicorn Gallery – one of my favourite lovely spots to view enchanting art.

Christie’s piece, Summer Breath, takes us to a sunny beach where frothy water laps at the shore and gulls wait on the rocks for the next breeze. Fluffy clouds fill the blue sky and the cooling spray refreshes and soothes the spirit. Even on the hottest day, a respite at the sea is like nothing else, and Christie has captured it for us to enjoy throughout the year. I can hear the waves! And then, a second piece – an early one that took my interest immediately – a darker tale of summer storm on the sea. Feel the gathering fury as the water moves to the wind…the anticipation builds…
See more at Omagination Gallery, where you can explore more of Christie’s vision of natural beauty.

Sparkie’s work is rich, tender and expressive. On exhibit for the SUMMER! exhibit, two of her in-world photographs draw us into the landscapes by the unique vision and composition of her artistry. The summer scenes spark the imagination; both are unretouched, demonstrating her talent with the camera – and her keen eye. One carries the heat of sun as the day ends, almost steaming the sea as it falls; the other, a glassy sea as waves whip into whitewater. 
See more at Sparkie Cyberstar Photography at THE KEYS. You will land at THE KEYS; Sparkie’s Photography is located at 105/221/24; you might have to wander a bit, but it’s worth it!

Jewell brings us a vibrant photograph – one that mixes the bright summer weather with a more melancholy take on the season and on life. The girl relaxes in a lovely outdoor setting, languishing in the sun and summer breezes, her expression indicative of a pensive mood. Summer is about many things – bright days of activity and time to step back and ponder; this work evokes both, and in a sweet balance that we all hope summer will bring. Such a glorious season, as the hopes of SPRING! come to fruition – and life goes on.
Visit the Artists for SL Gallery or the Obsession Exposed Gallery & Gardens to see more of Jewell’s work.

Russell is Artist-in-Residence and Poet Laureate at Ce Soir Arts, and his many talents include painting enchanting scenes from his home in Wales and from his travels. Two of his lovely pieces are on exhibit, so come enjoy these charming notes of SUMMER! as we look in on a sunny village in Mediterranean Scene and gaze upon a cooling treat in Fruit and Water – both restful in the noonday heat and alive with sweet summer energy. Perfect for the season!
Find more of Russell’s work to enjoy and purchase at the wonderful Peace is a Choice Gallery in SL.

Mireille’s work usually incorporates her poetry, and one piece in this exhibit shares her “Words & Pictures” take on in-world photography. Playground of Dreams is her interpretation of the SL12B theme What Dreams May Come. Exhibited via Owen Landar’s SL12B Exhibit and at his Omagination Gallery, this piece captures the spirit of the summer of dreams that lives forever in our hearts. Inspired by a visit to Rosie Renfew’s earlier LEA project (Barefoot Wanders), the photo is a raw shot, capturing Rosie’s outstanding use of light and shadow in her environment. Other pieces in the SUMMER! Exhibit evoke the cooling relief of summer rains that refresh on the season’s hot, sunny days.
More “Words & Pictures” are exhibited at Ce Soir Arts – the Oracle Parlor is home to this work.

A musical celebration of SUMMER! and art will be announced soon, but don’t wait for that. Come…be inspired tonight at Ce Soir Arts Gallery & Lawn!

SUMMER! Exhibit at Ce Soir Arts

SUMMER! Exhibit 0715 1
Celebrating SUMMER! at Ce Soir Arts

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