Ce Soir Arts Hosts Six of SL’s Finest Musicians for Stand Up 2 Cancer of SL 2015!

Dateline…17 September 2015….

Stand Up 2 Cancer of SL (also known as SU2C of SL) is back for 2015 – with even more venues and musicians participating than before! Organiser Still Braveheart has put in many hours to gather us all together for this magnificent cause.  Attend as many events as you can, and donate at each one – every L$ matters, and all donations are made at special kiosks to ensure that all donations benefit SU2C. The donations count – and so does your presence and enthusiasm. Come on out for these wonderful events including the six hours of outstanding music and fun at Ce Soir on 17 September. Check out this stunning lineup! Of course, our inimitable Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence at Ce Soir Arts – the one-and-only Russell Eponym – kicks off the event with a rousing 90-minute show of great covers and excellent originals in folk, blues, and beyond! And then, after all the great music from this amazing list of other outstanding musicians begins to close, another of our weekly faves – the Sound Jeweler himself, MoShang Zhao – takes us on an electronic slide into the night with his unique CHILL. So come on over and have some fun whilst making a difference!


We’ll see you here…and elsewhere on the grid!

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