Change is good… Ce Soir Arts now has the WHOLE SIM AND MORE to explore…!

While we have not been good to keep up the blog these last months, Æon and I are pleased to note that the move from floating above the base sim has been accomplished! We’ve had fun with the work of it and are back hosting art exhibits, musical shows, theatrical productions…and more!

Ce Soir Reopening poster

We had a simply fabulous Grand Reopening – as you can see by the photo above. Baz helped us tremendously in planning and navigating the event, and it was a SMASHING time! A BIG Thank You to Baz, Russell, Luv, Mavenn, Anj, MoShang…and the wonderful friends who kept the place hopping all through the hours!

Come visit and see the “new” Ce Soir Arts – and we PROMISE to get back to blogging for the holidays! Have a happy!

The following are updated from the move of Ce Soir Arts down to the main sim this past month. Please come enjoy the new environment, which is quite familiar in many ways. However, there are many new spots to enjoy including the beach, the expanded cemetery area, and more (some are hidden delights!). We hope you will enjoy this new location as much as we do! Note that The Conservatory and The Oracle Parlour remain in their original location above the sim. More areas will be added in the future, so look for more information soon including new art exhibits and something special for the holidays! (Mystical Artist Fae Varriale, the one-and-only LiamSaxony, and I – Mireille Jenvieve-Woodford have some quite SPOOKY art in at the Main Gallery through November…)

SPOOKY Gallery - M - 1015

Thank you for your continued support. Your presence and enjoyment are gifts we treasure.
Æon et Mireille

Chateau Ce Soir:
There is music and dancing for all in the castle!

The Magic Tree:
Here, we share readings and more with our Poet Laureate, Russell Eponym, and other fine poets, storytellers, and readers.

The Main Gallery:
There are various art exhibits over the year, highlighting the work of wonderful artists from various areas of emphasis.


Moondance: You can dance atop the moon (where you land) or click below to sit or cuddle on the crescent moon.

The Oracle Parlour:
My own gallery space, The Oracle Parlour will sometimes be host to other artists as well as collaborative and experimental exhibits.

The Conservatory:
Enjoy exhibits or music and dancing at this snowy escape!

Ce Soir Arts Theatre and Off-the-Shelf Productions:
Several plays and illustrated vignette readings are held over the year at this elegant location.

The Cemetery…Graveyard:
This haunting spot is home to scary and hidden delights!

Come…be inspired tonight!

4 thoughts on “Change is good… Ce Soir Arts now has the WHOLE SIM AND MORE to explore…!

  1. Thank you so much, PrettyFlower! We are honoured that you would share such lovely thoughts – and photographs! – of our beloved Ce Soir with your readers! Your blog is a delight, as are you…and you are indeed welcome here at every level of Ce Soir Arts at any time. Don’t mniss The Conservatory and Oracle Parlour that float above the main sim at Enjoy the snowy ambiance there…and our warmest welcome, always. 🙂

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