Happy Holidays…with a wish for 2016…

The holidays have been busy at Ce Soir Arts – and for us at home as well. Our Christmas wish is for love, joy, and peace. May those grace your days and bless your nights…all the year through!


We truly enjoyed the holidays this year, and hope that you did too. These are times when people tend to gather or take some time to think about important things such as health, happiness, family, friends.  It is our heartfelt wish that 2016 will bring goodness to us all!


To start us off, we had a rollicking New Year’s Eve Party at the Chateau. Russell Eponym started the festivities with a grand musical show that had everyone dancing and chatting away. It was loads of fun, and was just the ticket as the New Year had already arrived in Australia, from whence Russell streamed live for the event. His travels take him far from Wales, and he does enjoy it. How wonderful that we get to go along!

Later that evening, the outstanding multi-instrument-playing musician ANJ GUSTAFSON rocked our world with his eclectic mix of covers and originals. The crowd was excited to hear Anj on his own – AND to enjoy a fabulous dual-stream with our beloved MOSHANG ZHAO! The two played seamlessly and their styles layered beautifully. We were transfixed for the entire time! To enjoy Anj streaming live from Tennessee and MoShang from Taiwan was quite a thrill! The mix of solid rock and smooth CHILL was just mesmerising! We can’t wait to do it again…so stay tuned!

BAZ was to join us with some of his fabulous musical gems, but technical difficulties prevented him from playing. We missed him, but MOSHANG ended the night with a steady dose of CHILL that helped us slide into the night – and the NEW YEAR!

Here’s hoping 2016 will bring us goodness – and much more of this fine music!

Next up: new artwork in the Galleries will get us off to a great start!

Come…be inspired tonight!


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