A Special Day at Chateau Ce Soir: RUSSELL EPONYM’s 10th Rez Day Party – 2 PM SLT

What a special day it is today! Our beloved Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence, RUSSELL EPONYM celebrates his TENTH REZ DAY today! He has brought in-world wonderful music and adventures into the spoken word since day one of his Second Life journey. Logging in and immediately beginning to stream LIVE from the UK, Russell took the first step (28 January 2006) in a long and satisfying career, providing outstanding musical and spoken word entertainment to literally thousands from around the world.

We here at Ce Soir Arts feel lucky indeed to have Russell‘s very special 10th Rez Day fall on the date of his weekly musical shows at the Chateau! We have quite a party planned, with help from Team Russell (Jasmyn Sugarplum and Skyspinner Soulstar) and Dawn Greymist with the Silversword venues. We have extra-special photographs, covering the entirety of Russell‘s time in SL – time that truly (despite being 10 years in!) has just begun! There are many more hours ahead that will be devoted to Russell‘s fine work and artistry – here at Ce Soir Arts and elsewhere around the grid. If you’ve not heard him, now would be a grand time!

Come join us today at 2 PM SLT for 90 minutes of Russell‘s beautiful guitar-harmonica-kazoo playing – and that velvety voice that casts a magic spell over the hall! His songs range from the fun and fanciful (One Meatball!) to the serious (You Have No Eyes to See My Dreams) to the deeply romantic (Harvest Moon). He writes his own lovely lyrics and music as well as doing quite remarkable covers that often best the originals. We love to hear him singing those charming Donovan songs, those incredible Dylan numbers, and special ones by Sting, Dire StraitsKate Rusby, and more. It’s magical, I tell you, and you must come along to celebrate with us today if you can!

CLICK FOR A SLURL or Catch the Breeze Below...

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