NEW ART EXHIBIT OPENS on Valentine’s Day – Come enjoy the PARTY from 3 – 7 PM SLT!

Valentine’s Day is coming! This sweetest of holidays brings a focus on love and romance that brings out the best in all of us – as we succumb to Cupid‘s arrow. Well, most of us succumb to the little angel’s aim this time of year. We renew the romance in our relationships, or – if unattached – cast an eye about for the cherub and his bow. Love, after all, is one of the great adventures of life!

What a perfect time Valentine’s makes for us to celebrate LOVE – in all its glory! Even the disappointed lover has a story to tell, an emotion to share. Whether it’s ebulient enrapture that lifts our feet off the ground or sadness that casts us down in a weepy gloom, LOVE takes precedence as a preoccupation – at least on 14th February, if not all year long. The proof is in the pudding as they say! Poetry and literature are rife with LOVE, viewed from both ends of the spectrum – and every station in between. “And they lived happily, ever-after” is a fit closing for fantasy rhymes and “THE END” comes into play with a touch of irony when things go awry. Plays depict the magic of falling in love and the sting of bitter endings. Songs are written about LOVE, and provide a soaring medium for the heart in flight – and a pathos-filled lament for those who’ve loved and lost (or who’ve never loved at all).

Commerce has it’s way with LOVE as well. Who has not seen – or had his or her email inundated with – cards and offers of lacy candy boxes full of lover’s sweets? Who has not laughed at cute little stuffed animals wearing hearts on their sleeves or delighted at the luscious aroma of heavily-scented red and pink roses? It’s all a part of the season, as the enamored and the hopeful seek to celebrate their beloveds – or find someone special to cherish.

LOVE COLLAGE….(see below for titles and artists)

Works noted above: Spring by Pierre-Auguste Cot; The Kiss by Gustav Klimt; Love Crush by Claudio Bindella; LOVE Sculpture by Robert Indiana; Love, Loss, and Letting Go by Leah Piken Kolidas; The Boating Party by Mary Cassatt; Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear by Vincent Van Gogh.

Art, too, has something to say about LOVE. From the ubiquitous heart-shapes that find their way into everything from greeting cards to jewellery – to the truly beautiful and sentimental expressions of love in bloom – or the loss of and longing for love – that mark every era of art. Paintings, drawings, sculptural pieces, photographs, and more depict love and its experience; film and digital art are no exception, and we invite you to come view this upcoming exhibit – FROM THE HEART – at Ce Soir Arts, opening on Sunday, 14th February. You will find an eclectic mix of pieces from some of our world’s finest artists. Visit the Côte de la Mer Gallery and The Conservatory (the wintry escape above the sim) to view these striking works – and let your hearts take wing or experience a more somber moment. Each one is guaranteed to move you – and a listing of participating artists will be available soon.

VISIT Côte de la Mer Gallery and The Conservatory…open for viewing at noon on 14th February. Several fine artists will have their work in the exhibit, and it will touch your heart of hearts. Whether it explores the soaring joy of love, the exotic pleasures of love, or the wistful or intense longing for love…you are bound to enjoy!

Information about each artist and his or her work will be available in the gallery spaces. In addition, over the time of the exhibit (the next six weeks), each artist will have a focus in this blog; I am very much looking forward to learning more about each of them and sharing what I learn with you here. Note that my AEon has a piece in this exhibit; his first…and I love it! More details coming soon, but for now, here is the list of artists participating (in alphabetical order). We know you’ll want to come see their work in this romantic and intriguing exhibit!

  • Aelin Quan
  • AEon Jenvieve-Woodford
  • Domitalia Jinx
  • Fae Varriale
  • JudiLynn
  • Liam (Saxony) Mahoney
  • Mireille Jenvieve-Woodford
  • Owen Landar
  • Roy Mildor
  • Ricco Saenz
  • Secret Rage
  • Silas Merlin
  • Toysoldier Thor
  • Van Caerndow

You will be delighted by this range of artwork – various forms, different materials, and unique perspectives will get your attention. Do come enjoy!

In celebration of the exhibit and of Valentine’s Day itself, do join us also for four hours of outstanding music at Le Chateau Ce Soir. Beginning at 3 PM, we will be swept away by some truly exceptional music – much of which will deal with love in one way or another. Four talented musicians will provide the soundtrack for this experience – and you are welcome to wander to both galleries, enjoying the music all along the way. Check the schedule below. Come…be inspired tonight!

Valentine's Day Party 2016
Valentine’s Day Party 2016


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