ANDREUS GUSTAFSON entertains with an electrifying eclectic mix of cool sounds…

Andreus Gustafson (known affectionately as ANJ to his warm group of friends and fans in the Consortium, his group) is a compelling vocalist and multi-instrumental performer. He has played Chateau Ce Soir on several occasions, and it has always been a wonderful time. Now, he’s going to play regularly – every second Thursday at 6 PM, right before the astounding MoShang Zhao.

Anj is an exceptionally talented musician, whose styles include alternative, pop and progressive rock with a strong electronica influence. One of the most popular performers in SL, shows by this ultracool musician are always a great mix of sounds! Come on Thursday, 10th March at 6 PM to enjoy his unique and beautiful originals mixed with covers from artists such as Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Jethro Tull, Matchbox 20, ELP, Sting – and much more! His piano, guitar, flute, and moog talents are legendary, and we are proud to welcome him again to the Chateau Ce Soir stage. Anj will play right before our usual 7 PM show with MoShang, the Sound Jeweler with the transcendent CHILL from Taiwan. They follow one another seamlessly – and perhaps we can get them to dual stream again soon; we certainly enjoyed the first time!


Join us at Chateau Ce Soir!


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