JOAQUIN GUSTAV and BAZ Celebrate Art and Music at Château Ce Soir – 5 & 6 PM SLT on Monday, 14 March!

To say that we have enjoyed having the FROM THE HEART ART EXHIBIT open at Ce Soir Arts since Valentine’s Day would be an understatement. Not only have we taken pleasure in the works that have been shared on the theme of LOVE, but we have also enjoyed getting to know these 14 outstanding artists a bit better. To add to those two benefits,  encountering  many lovers of art who visit during exhibits has been a great joy to both Æon and me. We thank everyone who has visited this exhibit; your comments have further enlivened our own discussions and explorations.

As the exhibit comes to a close, we thought it most appropriate to hold a celebration. The Valentine’s Day Party that opened the FROM THE HEART ART EXHIBIT was a beautiful evening filled with outstanding music and dancing – as well as fun and informative repartée with several of the featured artists. We had a grand time, and the exhibit has been a treat. And so, please join us to celebrate this lovely exhibit as it closes on Monday, 14th March; we have two hours of fantastic music planned!

Join us at Le Château Ce Soir:

Joaquin GustavJoaquin is a gifted musician, singer, and guitarist streaming live from Buenos Aires. He plays beautiful classic and Latin guitar, and offers a variety of other musical styles as well. Smooth sounds will touch your heart and have you dancing in no time to the intricate rhythms!
BAZ - Valentine's Party at Ce Soir 2016Baz is a creative professional musician, composer, and producer – with stellar piano and guitar, with vocals in incredibly smooth arrangements. Superb dance music from Baz will have you tripping the light fantastic. Put a definitive wrap on the night…and let your heart take flight!

Come celebrate art and music and see the FROM THE HEART Art Exhibit at Ce Soir Arts – CLOSING tonight!

The fourteen artists whose work has been on exhibit at both the Galerie à Côté de la Mer and The Conservatory, are listed here, but do check the original posting for more details by clicking HERE.

We thank each of these exceptional artists – lovely people with stunning artistic vision and talent. Hosting your work here has been an honour and pleasure, and we look forward to other opportunities as the year moves along.

  • Aelin Quan
  • AEon Jenvieve-Woodford
  • Domitalia Jinx
  • Fae Varriale
  • JudiLynn
  • Liam (Saxony) Mahoney
  • Mireille Jenvieve-Woodford
  • Owen Landar
  • Roy Mildor
  • Ricco Saenz
  • Secret Rage
  • Silas Merlin
  • Toysoldier Thor
  • Van Caerndow

Be sure to view their art (which may be purchased, with all proceeds going to the artists) through Monday, 14th March. Take information regarding their work and other exhibits that is available at both galleries:

Côte de la Mer Galerie and The Conservatory

Come…be inspired (in LOVE) tonight!

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