UPDATE on St. Patrick’s Day Fun at Ce Soir Arts….

UPDATE with photos! St. Patrick’s Day was loads of fun – and we have pictures!

RUSSELL EPONYM charmed us at 2 PM SLT! A great St. Patrick’s Day show!


BRYN TALEWEAVER had us spellbound at 4 PM SLT! A wonderful reading!

BRYN TALEWEAVER at The Magic Tree - St. Pat's 2016
BRYN TALEWEAVER at The Magic Tree – St. Pat’s 2016

MOSHANG ZHAO helped us CHILL after a busy day of celebrating!

MOSHANG helps us CHILL after a busy day!
MOSHANG helps us CHILL after a busy day!


We’ve got lots of fun coming your way for the wearing o’ the green on Thursday, 17 March! St. Patrick’s Day is a favourite of many, who love to go about wearing top hats and sporting the leprechaun’s pot o’ gold or a sweet rainbow. All of this is to remind us of one of the most enjoyable of spring holidays, a day set aside to honour St. Patrick, the saint whose history is a bit unclear – despite the popularity of tales honouring his bravery and fortitude. A Briton, he was – at the age of 16 – taken prisoner by a band of Irish raiders attacking his wealthy family’s estate. After six years of captivity, during which he relied on his faith for support, he escaped. He then took up religious studies and after many years became a celebrated bishop, leading the people faithfully. The stories that surround his life are no surprise, given the rich oral history traditions of the land. We enjoy them, to this day!

The four-day St Patrick’s Festival in Dublin, hailed as the “mother of all Irish festivals,” is a whirlwind of traditional music, dance, street theatre, and food, as well as a stellar parade complete with award-winning performers. And that’s just a taste of it! In the US, Chicago dyes the river green and all across the land, pubs serve green beer and plates full of corned beef and cabbage! Parades abound, and tales are told; laughter rings out and music fills the air!

That’s the ticket at Ce Soir Arts this St. Patrick’s Day, and it all begins at 2 PM SLT, when Russell Eponym treats us to his fabulous music at Château Ce Soir. We’ll all be decked out in green and the mood will be one of celebration. Keen on Irish music, Russell will no doubt have us dancing a jig to Sweet Molly Malone – and weeping openly at the tender Danny Boy. Don’t miss it!

After that, we have another treat – a wonderful reading of Irish tales with the talented Bryn Taleweaver. He’ll have you spellbound – and laughing – through the hour at The Magic Tree Reading Spot, beginning at 4 PM SLT. We’re so pleased that Bryn has agreed to join us, and we welcome you to come along as he explores these stories in what he’s calling “An Englishman’s Homage to St. Patrick.” It is bound to be a charming hour, so do come along and join us for the fun!

Wear your green or come-as-you-are. It’s going to be a fantastic time of celebrating!

After much of the “greenness” has faded, our beloved MOSHANG ZHAO will again step to the stage at le Château, and help us unwind after a day of fine festivities. There is nothing like the CHILL he brings every Thursday at 7 PM; you have to experience it! We will be looking for you!

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