THIS WEEK: Spring is springing…and it’s almost le Jour de Poisson d’avril (April Fools’ Day)! What tomfoolery will get your goat?

We do love Spring – despite the inevitable sneezes and itchy eyes. The season is just so PRETTY, what with lovely pastel blossoms and sweet green leaves and grasses dotting the landscape. There’s a freshness to the air, a little burst of energy, and most people report noting a bit of a “spring” in their steps.

That’s delightful, of course, and it really all started on St. Patrick’s Day for us at Ce Soir Arts. That’s when the “wearing o’ the green” put a note of lightness to the sim, with sweet music by the one-and-only Russell Eponym; charming Irish tales by the tale-weaving Bryn Taleweaver; and some very cool CHILL music to end the day from Sound Jeweler, MoShang Zhao…even with our usual areas of darkness. We won’t ever let go of those, of course, no matter the weather! Visit the dungeons and Witchwood Hollow Cemetery to see what I mean… <insert eerie echo of evil laughter here>

Russell Delights at The Magic Tree
Russell Delights Attentive Listeners at The Magic Tree

We had our usual Tuesday readings this week, and Russell brought along some outstanding music for us to enjoy along with his inimitable readings. We’re in the midst of the story, The Magic Faraway Tree, and it is charming indeed. We gather, eagerly awaiting the next installment that Russell delivers in voices so exacting as to draw us deeper into the tale. A spot of well-chosen poetry to go along with the music and prose – as always – makes us smile and applaud with happy cheers! On this day, “we” wrote a new song with Russell! What a treat to hear him working on the tune and lyrics…LIVE. We’ll hear this song again (tentatively titled Reach Out for the Morning, and we can’t wait to hear it again and again!

Cale Reading from "My Father's Tales"
Cale Reading from “Tales of My Father”

Caledonia Skytower then graced The Magic Tree with some enchanting stories of her very own. This installment of Tales of My Father was so touching, so humourous, so filled with the truths of human nature, that we were quite taken with the hour. The piece about her father and grandmother – and “The Little Lord Fauntleroy Suit” was sheer joy! Her sensitive and yet straighforward telling of these sweet tales is very enjoyable, and we hope you will join us next time she visits. Watch for notification soon. We know that her next visit to The Magic Tree will be as delightful, and we’d love it if you’d come along too. Her original stories really catch our attention and draw us in; her characters – both those derived from real life adventures and those created in her rich imagination – are ones we just cannot forget. Hmmm…I suppose we’ll hear more about Young Liam soon…and more Tales of My Father too!

But NOW, as spring begins to show her full regalia of blooms and fresh rains, that most light-hearted of days comes along: APRIL FOOL’S! This hilarity, known as Poisson d’avril in France, arrives this Friday. We’ll have les poissons on hand for those who wish to play with that bit of French absurdité, and lots of other fun accoutrements.

For this funny – and fun – holiday, we thought we’d prepare by having the same trio of musical and spoken word artists as we did for St. Pat’s. Russell will be up to “no good” (meaning, of course, a bit of nonsense, which he can pull off in grand style). There is nothing in the world like a laughing Russell Eponym, so do come along to Château Ce Soir, 2 PM SLT on Thursday, 31st March. He’ll have his musical instruments all tuned up and ready to deliver a rollicking round of folk, blues, and beyond! We think it’s that beyond we have to watch for! Come along for the fun! Wheeeee!

Following that – after a short rest, which we’re certain will be needed! – the wonderful reader Bryn Taleweaver will step to The Magic Tree to regale us with Tales of Fools and Tricksters! Oh, my! We can’t wait to see what beguiling tales await as Bryn indeed weaves stories of enchantment – with a touch of devilishness to go with for April Fools’ Day. His readings are always captivating, and we’re sure that the twist of trickery will be just the ticket for this fun holiday. Bryn can deliver a wry smile in his words, and you don’t want to miss his particular brand of monkey business!

THEN…after a quiet interlude, MoShang Zhao will step to the stage at 7 PM SLT in Château Ce Soir to  help us slide into the night (and le weekend!) with his own unique electronica. We always say that he “delivers the CHILL,” and – truly – there’s no better way to express what The Sound Jeweler does! Mo‘s music is relaxing and energising – all at the same time – like magic. If you’ve not heard him, well, get yourself over here! As all who perform at Ce Soir Arts, MoShang plays other fine venues each week, but he – like the inimitable Russell Eponym – has been playing here, every week, since our opening in January 2012.  Come join us, as the calm and joy of the CHILL fills the hall.

Cliquez ici pour votre transport: The Magic Tree / Château Ce Soir

Happy April Fools' Day

Profitez de la fête drôle !
Profitez de la fête drôle !

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