Something very special is coming to Ce Soir Arts…

As lovers of art, literature, theatre, music, and dance, Æon and I are always looking for special events in SecondLife that we can attend or host. Opportunities abound, as the denizens of our dear virtual world are notoriously talented in a variety of artistic arenas. We could make a very lengthy list of gifted writers, readers, composers, singers, musicians, actors, choreographers, dancers, and visual artists…but many of you who read this blog are already aware of some – if not all – of those names. So…instead of doing that, let me get right to the point about one of our upcoming “somethings special” – an original poetic ballet written and directed by Moon Aerandir, the wonderful poet and Avilion Bard.

The Book of Love and Imagination is Moon’s own writing and choreography, and it is lovely indeed. I first saw a performance of this beautiful ballet last month at the enchanting Avilion, and was pleased to meet several of those working to make the event such a success. The Avilion Cameo Theatre is quite professional including Dramaturge Bajoy and creators Sealvy and Rat Runo – plus a host of wonderful dancers and animation assistants. Reader and dancer Amza portrays the narrator, Alice, and she is lovely in the role. Of course, Moon himself takes a central role, and his dancing is exemplary, making the whole event charming.

The Book of Love & Imagination by Moon Aerandir
The Book of Love & Imagination by Moon Aerandir

The original ballet composed and choreographed by Moon incorporates his lyrical poetry and combines it seamlessly with enchanting music and dance. This artistic and quite enjoyable ballet is a journey along the pathways of love and imagination; the musical selections are superb and the care taken by everyone involved is obvious. The story is touching and sweetly portrayed, and we do hope you will join us!

The date for the programme is 23 April at 1 PM SLT. Please arrive by 12:30 pm to enjoy the opening music and allow your graphics to rez. You may land at Château Ce Soir and be given a fresh LM to the location of the set. Pop up there, find a seat, grab a programme, and enjoy! The actual LM will be made available in announcements on the date. Check back here for yet more details to come!



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