Celebrating St. George and THE BARD…this coming weekend at Ce Soir Arts…

As previously noted, this upcoming weekend at Ce Soir Arts will be a special one, with exceptional events planned…

St. George & Shakespeare

First on SATURDAY, 23rd April, the charming storyteller BRYN TALEWEAVER will be at Ce Soir Arts’ Dover Beach Theatre at 11 AM to regale us with The Sceptered Isle: Tales and Readings from England to Celebrate St. George and Shakespeare on the 400th Anniversary of the Birth and Death of the Bard.  These tales and readings will capture the spirit of St. George on his special day and commemorate William Shakespeare with high honour and a bit of humour as well. Bryn imbues all his readings with wit and charm, and each is based on historical fact and wisdom through the ages. Dress in period clothing if you wish – but do come join us!

The Book of Love & Imagination - for advertsRemain after and join us for The Book of Love & Imagination, a poetic ballet composed and directed by MOON AERANDIR at 1 PM SLT. This Avilion Cameo Theatre production at Ce Soir Arts will enchant you! An LM for the special location of the set will be available soon…and you may land at Château Ce Soir to grab the LM, pop up, and enjoy! Of course, if you also attend Bryn’s reading, we’ll be sure to pass you the LM at that time. Opening music begins at 12:30 PM.

Russell - Shakespeare Composite 1SUNDAY, 24 April: The Ce Soir Arts Poet Laureate, RUSSELL EPONYM will present a special reading in honour of the Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare. Join us at NOON at the Dover Beach Theatre in Ce Soir Arts as we celebrate this revered playwright and author on the 400th anniversary of his birth and death. Drawing on his extensive knowledge and collection of writings, Russell will share soliloquys, sonnets, and other works of the Bard in his inimitable style. Russell’s celebration of The Bard will take us on a journey of discovery and enjoyment; dress in period style if you wish, but do join us!


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