What a weekend past…what a week ahead!

Good Monday, morning! This past weekend – St. George’s Day and the 400th Anniversary of The Bard (William Shakespeare) – brought us three of the most delightful events EVER at Ce Soir Arts! I am not using hyperbole; check these photos and comments as evidence:

BRYN TALEWEAVER at Dover Beach Theatre
BRYN TALEWEAVER at Dover Beach Theatre

First, the charming storyteller Bryn Taleweaver came by the Dover Beach Theatre to share with us some stories about St. George – and The Bard himself. We were treated to an hour of delightful tales and some lessons about history and the impact of these two striking men.

We all can be inspired by the drawings and stories about St. George and his heroics; whether wholly true or partly mythological, they still arouse the best!

The Bard, of course, offers us the best in literature; to this day, he is the most celebrated author, poet, and playwright known. Bryn’s telling of various tales related to Shakespeare, and to his time, was absolutely delightful!

Book of love rev Ce Soir Arts

NEXT…Moon Aerandir & Company (Avilion Cameo Theatre) performed Moon‘s beautiful lyrical ballet “The Book of Love and Imagination” at a sweet little spot high above Ce Soir Arts. The set, deigned and built by Sealvy and Rat Runo, was perfect for the storyline and the wonderful cast’s dancing. Amza Hydraconis portrayed the narrator, Alice (voice by Eala Du), and the entire cast was spot on with their dancing. Moon choreographed and directed the ballet – in addition to writing it. What an uplifting experience! We thank Moon, and Bajoy from ACT for all their help in bringing this lovely production to us!

RUSSELL Reads the Bard at Dover Beach Theatre
RUSSELL Reads the Bard at Dover Beach Theatre

Following all this wonderment, none other than Ce Soir Arts’ Poet Laureate RUSSELL EPONYM stepped to the stage at Dover Beach Theatre for a riveting reading of the Bard. His presentation was superb! He was dressed as Hamlet, one of Shakespeare’s preeminent characters. As he read from Hamlet, we were transfixed. It was beautiful.

Russell’s reading of the Bard in sonnets and soliloquys was stellar indeed, and we all enjoyed it immensely! He added in some lovely music to accompany his reading, something Russell does very well. His musical selections were perfect as counterpoints that highlighted the reading exceptionally. Lilting musical verse was a fine accompaniment, and the reading was absolutely wonderful. We must do this again…!

Check back for updates…and do come join us this week! We have some wonderful readings and musical shows ahead. Check the calendar below, and teleport yourself to Ce Soir Arts whenever you wish! The sim is open and a full complement of LMs is posted with “Mr. Crane” at landing. Don’t miss the hidden areas of Ce Soir Arts…some are subterranean and some float high above…

SCHED - Wk of 25 April LARGE

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