A quieter week for early May…

After last week’s focus on celebrating St. George and The Bard of Avon with storyteller Bryn Taleweaver and our beloved Poet Laureate Russell Eponym – and the lovely ballet (The Book of Love and Imagination by Moon Aerandir and ACT) – we’re taking a quieter approach to things at Ce Soir Arts this coming week. We had an absolutely delightful time last week, and if you were able to join us (see event notations below), you already know about the wonder of it all…

Come relax with us this week and enjoy our offerings and the ambiance of our serene environment. The sim is open to the public and all who come in peace are welcome. Sim guidelines are available by notecard; locate your copy by clicking on the designated urn on the ground floor of Château Ce Soir. We are a Moderate sim and the Terms of Service determined by Linden Lab™ serve as our guide. Otherwise, come dance, relax, and enjoy! Photographers are welcome; you need not ask permission to photograph scenes here. We do ask that you follow the simple guideline that images taken at Ce Soir Arts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, which allows for much freedom of expression – something we value dearly here. Inspiration is at the heart of Ce Soir Arts, and we hope that you will find many opportunities to explore your own creativity here.

Click the schedule below for a landmark – and remember to check back, because next week will bring more spoken word and musical entertainments to go with the charms of the sim at all levels. Grab a landmark notecard at landing so you won’t miss anything. Have a beautiful week – in all the worlds there are!


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