EALA & MOON Return to The Magic Tree with Enchanting Poetry…

We’ve missed Eala & Moon of late, but after a bit of holiday, they’re back – and just as warm and wonderful as ever. Of course, Moon was with us for the performance of his originally written and choreographed ballet “The Book of Love and Imagination” in April. What a beautiful presentation that was by Moon Aerandir and Company including Avilion Cameo Theatre (ACT). The whole group of professional dancers and stage builders and directors saw to it that we had a lovely time, enjoying Moon’s lyrical poetry expressed in dance and music. See an earlier post or two, below for details…

Today, however, Eala Du returned to read both her own and Moon’s exceptional writings. It was good to see her again, and to listen to her lovely reading voice once more. As always, she was beautifully arrayed, and brought grace and sweetness – even when some of the readings were quite dark or serious. This is one of the things we most enjoy about this pair; their easy camaraderie and collaboration are clear and their respect for one another’s work is absolute.

Eala Du reading at The Magic Tree
Eala Du reading at The Magic Tree

Moon has a new book of verse available at Amazon.com; click and enjoy!

You must come join us next time – 31st May at 2 PM SLT. We’ll see you at The Magic Tree Reading Spot! Come ready to relax and enjoy!

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