GORAK Drops in at The Magic Tree…for a photo shoot and a SMILE…!

I lose things. Don’t ask me how it happens – or why it happens so often – but, trust me, I lose things. Sometimes, what I lose is of little consequence, but often, it’s something I want or need…or that somebody else wants or needs. SIGH….

Well, THIS time, I lost a whole load of fabulous photos of one infamous GORAK the GOBBLER! How could I have done that? I don’t know. All I know is that I was planning to post a note on the blog…and there were no photos to be found! Gorak had come to The Magic Tree to share his tale of Ellie…and then an earlier tale of Ellie’s friend…and how he – GORAK – made a wonderful difference in their young lives.

You see, Gorak is indeed a GOBBLER! He comes round when we really need him, and he hungrily gobbles up all those negative thoughts and hurtful words that weigh us down. He lightens our burdens and helps us see the wonder of, well, US! It’s magic, really, as Gorak lends his wisdom and tender heart – not to mention his humour! Giggles abound when Gorak is around, and that is just as it should be. Gorak reminds us that we have a quiet wisdom within and that we are worthy of love and belonging…and FUN! (Fun, you see, is never far when Gorak is near…)

GORAK Shares Apple Poems at The Magic Tree!
GORAK Shares Apple Poems at The Magic Tree!

A generous soul, Gorak’s “agent,” the lovely Caledonia Skytower sweetly agreed to ensure that Gorak would drop by for a photo shoot so I could actually have some photos of this magical creature to share. And so…apple in hand and hat on head, Gorak appeared…DANCING! It was fabulous to watch him – and to enjoy the sweet apple poems he brought along to share. He wasn’t here long, but it was a delightful time!

Thank you, Cale! Thank you Gorak! Weeee likeeeeee!

NOTE: Gorak will be back to share more of his wisdom soon, but don’t miss Caledonia’s next hour at The Magic Tree. She’ll be sharing something very special from “My Father’s Tales,” a section of “War Stories” that are sure to delight and evoke a patriotic feeling as Memorial Day nears in the US. Come along at 1:30 PM on 24th May to enjoy these well-crafted stories that are sure to touch your heart!

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