Dancing the night away with RUSSELL EPONYM and friends!

We do love Thursdays at Château Ce Soir – and the musical portion of the evening is always kicked off by the one-and-only Russell Eponym and his merry band of fans and friends. It’s always a grand occasion; the music is superb, the dancing is delicious, and the conversation unmatched!

Here are a few photos of the fun we had on this particular Thursday. We’ll be sharing more in future posts, so come along and get your photo snapped too! It’s a unique experience, every time, so please come join us next Thursday at 2 PM SLT. We will warmly welcome you – and so will Russell, Skyspinner, Dawn, and so many wonderful friends who gather.

Russell, Peace, and Maerin dancing up a storm!
Russell, Peace, and Maerin dancing up a storm!
Skyspinner dancing to Russell's song.
Skyspinner dancing to the music!
Dawn swaying in time to the music!
Dawn (and Janet) swaying in time!

Bring your love of music, as the fantastic “folk, blues, and beyond” that Russell so expertly plays and sings is something special. Oh…and don’t forget to bring your smile too. You’ll need it!

Come…be inspired tonight! Click HERE for your magic carpet to Château Ce Soir!

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