SUMMER ARRIVES…well, almost!

It’s not quite summer yet, but as the sky turns a deeper blue with sweet, puffy, white clouds floating by, we note the temperatures starting to rise. We enjoyed a true summer sunrise this morning as the golden orb lifted itself on a breeze over the hills. There is a low point on the other side, where the expanse of ocean in the distance provides an incredible view especially at sunset – but the sunrise over the pines is often amazingly glorious as it was this morning.

This week, we are taking a respite from the season of graduations that is not yet over…but close. We are a bit frazzled around the edges, and as summer comes on, the schedules will shift a bit. For one, Eala & Moon are taking a break; we will miss them and their enchanting poetry at The Magic Tree in Ce Soir Arts and at Muse. However, summer breaks can be wonderful, and we wish them both well as we look forward to an autumn rich with verse and more.

MoShang Zhao is still away, but he will return on 09 June to CHILL us as we celebrate the RL birthday of one Æon Jenvieve-Woodford. This wonderful man will love the PARTY  we have planned with Russell Eponym, Joaquin Gustav, Anj Gustafson and the returning MoShang. Look for more on that as the time gets a bit nearer. For now…come enjoy our Poet Laureate and Artist-in-Residence, Russell Eponym as he reads at The Magic Tree on Tuesday, 31 May – and sings for us at Château Ce Soir on Thursday, 02 June at 2 PM. Bringing magical readings and song, Russell will delight with charm and talent. His extensive repertoire of verse and music is unmatched, and his skill at presentation in various media astonishing. (As a reminder, click HERE for your teleports to both locations: The Magic Tree and Château Ce Soir).

Do note, however, that as June gears up, we will have a new artist coming to exhibit at Côte de la Mer Galerie. Starting 01 June, Jojo Songlark will bring her beautiful photographs to be on display for the month. Look for more information about this lovely addition to the ambiance at Ce Soir Arts soon – and do plan to visit and enjoy her work. Check an upcoming post for more details!


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