Through My Eyes: Photographic Art by Jojo Songlark Opens 01 June at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn

A new art exhibit by the lovely Australian photographer Jojo Songlark is open at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn today, 01 June. Many of her beautiful landscapes are available for viewing and sale, both inside the gallery space and on the lawn. Come be enchanted and enjoy her beautiful work through the month and leave a note for her in the gallery Guest Book. Come rest amidst these works that showcase SL’s natural world in all its beauty.

By sharing her works, Jojo generously offers us her view of Second Life™ in tender portraits of landscapes lush with beauty. Both the gallery and the lawn now hold verdant hills dotted with sweet blossoms; autumnal scenes rich with the vibrant hues of the season; peaceful meadows and placid pools resting beneath the beautiful blue of sunny skies – or darker horizons that offer a bit of mystery or intrigue. Some of her works include people and animals roaming under open skies or resting beside streams or fields of flowers. Elements of her work such as aqua oceans lapping at cream-coloured beaches and meandering paths invite the viewer in. The variety is astonishing, taken from the array of landscapes that come and go in Second Life™; Jojo has offered us a way to honour and remember them – and beautify our own environments at the same time.

Jojo Songlark Exhibit at Ce Soir Arts Open through June
Jojo Songlark Exhibit at Ce Soir Arts Open through June

Nature photographer Jojo Songlark is  unquestionably a gifted and expressive artist whose work brings joy as we enter her world and the opportunity to explore her vision. From her Artist’s Statement she tells us a bit more about her work. “I completed an art certificate course which included photography, but feel that observation mostly, of nature and all that inspired me, has helped me to ‘see’ with an artist’s eye, and that, I hope, I am bringing into my SL photos.” We say a resounding, “Yes!” on that, for we are taken by the range of her work and the detail and precision of what she shares. Truly, one enters each frame to experience one’s own adventure within.

Lovers of art in all its expressions are always welcome at Ce Soir Arts. View this stunning work, now at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn. Consult the notecard you can receive by clicking the exhibit sign to learn more about this talented artist; her awards are many, and her work may be found at various other galleries in-world and in other virtual spaces. We are most pleased to host her at Ce Soir Arts and thank her and curator of her work, h0n2a (Jan). He is a wonderful supporter of Jojo and her work and has helped make bringing the exhibit here an unqualified pleasure for us. We invite you to join us in our enjoyment of this exceptional artwork.

Come, be inspired…tonight!

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