Celebrating Æon’s RL Birthday Thursday, 09 June at Château Ce Soir…

It has not been the best of secrets, but it’s been fun trying to keep it under wraps. However, Æon is pretty savvy when it comes to sorting things that are afoot…and he’s quite excited that we are throwing a party in honour of his RL birthday at Château Ce Soir the day before his actual birthday. (Psst! There’s something special afoot at home for that day as well! Shhhhh! *giggles*)

Russell Eponym at Chateau Ce Soir
Russell Eponym

Come round to enjoy the festivities. Russell Eponym is slated to play his usual spot at 2 PM, and we always enjoy the magical folk, blues, and beyond he brings. Friends gather for a warm and fun-filled 90 minutes of song and wonderment. His original songs are lyrically rich and musically precise, showcasing Russell’s amazing talents with finger-style guitar – and other instruments including the harmonica, banjo, and kazoo! The vocals are smooth and sweet – a not-to-be-missed opportunity to enjoy exceptional music and fun. It’s a rollicking good time, every time, and this will be no exception as we celebrate Æon’s special day with friends. We will be expecting you!

Joaquin Gustav 2
Joaquin Gustav

THEN…after a break, the evening will commence at 5 PM SLT with an hour of Joaquin Gustav’s outstanding Latin rhythms! His talents are displayed especially with classical and Latin guitar numbers, as his gifts on the strings fill the hall with enticing sounds just made for dancing. We always enjoy time with Joaquin at Château Ce Soir, and your company will only heighten our enjoyment. You will be most glad you came round – and bring your dancing shoes! Those rhythms  – LIVE from Buenos Aeries – are exciting and you will find yourself smiling, swept up and flying across the dancefloor in no time!

Anj Gustafson

Up next, compelling multi-instrument musician and composer Anj Gustafson will step to the Château Ce Soir stage. The 6 PM hour will bring more excitement as Anj truly rocks the place with a mix of original songs and cover tunes that capture the spirit of modern music at its best. His voice is full and those instruments ring rich and true as his hands sweep across the keyboard or strings. He hits the flute on some numbers – and you’ll be enchanted! Whether it’s rock ballads or harder-driving tunes, Anj has got the repertoire – and it’s always growing.  Come be part of the energy and fun!

MoShang Zhao

As Anj leaves the stage, MOSHANG ZHAO RETURNS! He has been away for a few weeks tending to music business and family gatherings. We are so glad he’s had this time…AND that he’s back for his weekly Thursdays night shows at 7 PM. If you’ve not heard him (and especially if you have) you’ll want to be here for his return show on this special night. He brings the amazing CHILL for us to enjoy – a panorama of smooth and pleasing downbeat electronica that is unmatched anywhere, and all LIVE from Taiwan. I always say that MoShang offers us an elegant slide into the night…and you do not want to miss that…sounds so soothing and yet so energising that you just have to move, getting into the very groovy groove…

Æon is hoping you will come along to enjoy the celebration. Be sure to visit Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn to enjoy the work of Australian photographer Jojo Songlark, exhibiting here through June. Her beautiful landscapes are available for viewing and sale, inside the gallery and on the lawn. Come be enchanted! Enjoy her wonderful work. Rest amidst photographs that showcase SL’s natural world in all its beauty. Please see an earlier posting for more information.

Here’s your magic carpet (CLICK the Happy Birthday below)…so glide on over to enjoy as we celebrate Æon’s RL Birthday this Thursday at Château Ce Soir!

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