The tragic violence in Orlando this past weekend saddens us greatly and reminds us that the mix of anger and fear that exists so palpably is dangerous. The combination of those two strong emotions – especially when expounded ad nauseam in the media (primarily by politicians and others seeking notoriety or publicity to promote themselves) – can make for a volatile mix of pent-up energy and bad judgment.

There are complex issues afoot, and our caring attention is needed at every level. Difficult challenges and conversations are required, but the bottom line is this: love is the answer. If we remember and embrace that love, hate will drop from our vocabulary like rain falling from an angry sky; the sweet earth will let it flow into the sea to be enveloped by great waves of compassion and healing.

To donate toward help for victims and their families, follow the links below, taken from Strawberry Singh‘s great posting on this topic. Thank you, Berry – and everyone – for caring.

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