THIS WEEK at Ce Soir Arts…

It’s another summer week at Ce Soir Arts, and we invite you to relax and join us for some wonderful art, readings, and music.

Throughout the month of June, we are hosting one of the loveliest art exhibits we can remember. Talented SL photographer, JOJO SONGLARK (working with her personal curator, Jan) has brought us a beautiful collection of landscape photos called Through My Eyes. You must come see this exhibit and relax as you wander the Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn. The beauty of SL landscapes come into focus as you view these lovely pieces that present her perspective and tenderness. Enjoy – and leave Jojo a note in the Guest Book. We welcome you!

On Tuesday, you are invited to come hear Poet Laureate RUSSELL EPONYM share his exceptional wit and wisdom – along with excellent readings and some incredible musical finds from other musicians as well as his own beautiful compositions. It’s a golden hour at The Magic Tree each Tuesday at NOON SLT. Come along  – and enjoy!

Wednesday, master storyteller BRYN TALEWEAVER will join us with some riveting and spine-tingling tales of Ghosts & Demons. Ooooh! This is going to be good – and scary! Set your viewer to VOICE and bring your ears – and maybe your favourite teddy-bear to hold – this is guaranteed to be a harrowing and FUN hour at The Magic Tree!

Thursday brings us another charming 90-minute musical interlude with none other than the outstanding musician/poet/artist RUSSELL EPONYM. He joins us every Thursday at Château Ce Soir, but it’s always a special treat, as RUSSELL has an incredible – and growing – repertoire of music and banter. The Eponymous Family of friends gathers and welcomes all comers to enjoy this enchanting hour of dance and delight! Bring your smile – you’re going to need it!

Also on Thursday this week at Château Ce Soir, we welcome MOSHANG ZAHO, who drops in on his travels round the metaverse to deliver the relaxing and energising CHILL – a mesmerising downbeat electronica with a rich musical heritage and an eye toward the future. You’ll be ever so glad you joined us for this elegant slide into the night with MOSHANG – and get your weekend off to a great start!


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