Another great week ahead…”Through My Eyes” art exhibit has been extended…

As my dear one, Æon would say, “Greetings and salutations, friends!” It’s another summery week at Ce Soir Arts, and there is much to enjoy here as well as throughout the world. Even if you are in the Southern hemisphere – as our present exhibiting artist, Jojo Songlark is – there is much beauty to enjoy in your RL environment. More beauty awaits you in-world, and you are invited to explore….

Jojo‘s “Through My Eyes” art exhibit has been extended until mid-July, when another special (albeit short-term) exhibit will open. You must visit Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn in Ce Soir Arts to explore this stunning photographer’s magnificent landscapes! Many of her beautiful photographs are available for viewing and sale, both inside the gallery and on the lawn. Come be enchanted by her wonderful work through mid-July. Rest amidst these photographs that showcase SL’s natural world in all its beauty!

(Pssst! August will bring us a spectacular exhibit from SL photographer Wildstar Beaumont! More information to come…)

Below is the weekly schedule at Ce Soir Arts for this, the last week of June 2016. Come along and relax under the arms of The Magic Tree for some outstanding poetry and stories by both Poet Laureate Russell Eponym and the excellent storyteller, Bryn Taleweaver. Russell‘s eclectic readings and the wonderful music he shares with us is always a distinctive pleasure – and Bryn will share some exciting and engaging Tales of the Gods from across cultures. Both will be exceptionally enjoyable hours in a welcoming atmosphere…so please join us!

Music will fill the sim on Thursday, with troubadour Russell Eponym taking the Château Ce Soir stage at 2 PM for 90 minutes of folk, blues, and beyond! It’s always a fun time with friends! At 6 PM the astounding trance and electronica musician Nuvolino will take us on a tuneful journey that’s not to be missed. He’s returning to SL from a time away, and we’ve got him coming in every other Thursday opposite another favourite, the talented Anj Gustafson (he’ll be in next week!). Then, our beloved CHILL-master, MoShang Zhao will drop in on his travels around the metaverse to help us relax and unwind – starting the weekend with energy and grace.

Note the schedule below – and catch the breezes noted to join us for summer relaxation and fun! Don’t forget that there’s a whole sim (and more above!) for you to enjoy. LMs are located in the cranes at landing, the gallery, and the venue.

The Magic TreeCôte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn and Château Ce Soir 



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