More summer fun at Ce Soir Arts!

We’re having a fun summer both RL and SL – with happy times for the Fourth of July, the summer is in full swing! The fireworks! The yummy fare! We hope you’ve been enjoying it too, and so we offer another week of readings and musical shows that should bring some smiles your way. Check out the schedule – and remember that Ce Soir Arts is open all hours, so come relax and rest in the ambience…and – whatever you do – do not miss the stunning exhibit by Jojo Songlark with her lovely landscapes in at Côte de la Mer Galerie & LawnIt is absolutely wondrous…and we thank Jojo and her personal curator, Jan, for their exceptional work and graciousness including a sweet gift for gallery visitors. Marvellous!

Readings with multi-talented Poet Laureate Russell Eponym and the gifted writer Dubhna Rhiadra will sweep you away with poetry and stories fit for a summer’s night – and special music with Russell, the multi-instrumentalist Anj Gustafson, and CHILLmaster MoShang Zhao will leave you with happy feet, lifted spirits, and a relaxed mood for resting under the stars – on your own or with someone special at any of a number of sweet locations in Ce Soir Arts. Ah…the smooth breezes blow…

Happy Summer!

JUL 050607

Your magic carpet ride! CLICK HERE! Don’t forget to get all the LMs from “Mr. Crane” on landing!

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