The last week for “Through My Eyes” Exhibit – and even more summer fun…for sunny – or rainy – days!

NEWS: Don’t let yourself miss the last week of Jojo Songlark with her stunning art exhibit – “Through My Eyes” at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn in Ce Soir Arts. It has been a privilege and honour to host Jojo and her lovely SL landscapes for all to enjoy these past weeks. We thank her and her personal curator, Jan, for their exemplary work and kindness during this six-week exhibit. Exploring the natural beauty that is so rich and wonderful in SL, Jojo brings a sweet sensitivity to her photographs – and she will be back with more beauty to share. In this exhibit, wide open spaces, inviting skies, fields strewn with flowers, and paths traveled by various folk and beautiful animal companions lift the spirit. How refreshing! What treasures await you – so don’t miss it!

Gallery - Jojo 1
“Through My Eyes” by Jojo Songlark

We’ve especially been enjoying this work from Jojo, as it’s been raining where we are this summer – many “surprise” or “pop-up” showers have broken tree branches and caused little rivulets of muddy water to run down the hills. Whilst it surely could be worse, we miss the all-day sunny clime that is our usual summery weather, and look forward to perhaps a bit more sun in coming weeks. We’ve watched “The Weather Channel” and so we know that both rain and heavy heat is a common occurrence across the USA at the moment. Please take care, wherever you are, by monitoring the skies and watching those temps!

Ah….! As Æon often remarks: “It’s always a balmy 72⁰  in SecondLife™! This is true for most sims, unless there’s a storm brewing somewhere or winter weather has descended. Isn’t it fun to visit a sim that’s off-season? I love to do that! Here at Ce Soir Arts, we have – floating above – the wonderful wintry escape, The Conservatory and The Oracle Parlour (just next door!) Swirling snow, sweet winter birds, and a warming fire offer us a chance to cool our heels – no matter how hot the RL weather may be!

Speaking of cooling our heels, this week is full of opportunity for doing just that! See the schedule posted below, and come along. Starting with a beautiful reading with Poet Laureate Russell Eponym, we have some special times coming your way. Russell has a very special reading in store with beautiful music to share as well – both in his own voice and that of Anna Ternheim; his musical finds are always a treat! It will be a lovely hour when he will share this Thought for the Day and read from his own work, “Extraordinary Tales from Ordinary Life” as well as other special poems and stories. Come join us at The Magic Tree!

Following Russell, Caledonia Skytower has an hour of exceptional readings from women writers to share. “Wild Western Women!” is a collection to showcase deft writing, drama, and humour of western tales. Strong, wise women with complicated but clear relationships out on the prairie will delight us with their courage and pluck. You’ll chuckle and truly enjoy these views of the wild west as viewed by talented women writers – and told by the gifted storyteller, Caledonia! See you there!

On Wednesday, BRYN TALEWEAVER returns to regale us with stories of war. Join us under the branches of The Magic Tree to enjoy an hour of historical folktales highlighting the Centenary of the Battle of Sommes. Bryn will relate letters home from the battlegrounds and humorous poems as well. It’s always an enjoyable hour when Bryn visits, so do come along; you will be warmly welcomed!

Soon, Thursday will arrive, and with it comes two hours of outstanding trance and chill music for our listening and dancing pleasure! First up at Château Ce Soir, Nuvolino will get us grooving with the fantastic beat of his exceptional original trance and electronica sound. There’s nothing like it anywhere, so don’t miss it. Come…let the beat that Nuvolino brings move you!

Then, after we’re all primed with sonic awesomeness from Nuvolino, none other than the one-and-only MOSHANG ZAHO will drop in on his travels round the metaverse to sweep us up in the sounds of his transcendent Chinese CHILL. This cool electronica will sweep us away as the weekend truly begins on Thursday night! Come enjoy the sonic deliciousness that MoShang creates as it wraps us in smooth sound and energy… inspired tonight!
Come…be inspired tonight!

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