Another Great Week at Ce Soir Arts – and THURSDAY Will Kick Off Le Weekend in Style!

RUSSELL READINGWe have enjoyed this week at Ce Soir Arts, and we greeted one of the largest – and sweetest – crowds ever to attend a reading at The Magic Tree this past Tuesday. Our Poet Laureate, Russell Eponym, returned  from several days off for health reasons to be greeted by a lovely gathering of friends and fans to welcome him. Russell reported feeling much better, and gave a marvelous reading – complete with excellent music and a very special Thought for the Day.  The good news continued, as Russell plans to play at the delightful End of Time venue on Wednesday (we’ll be there!) and at Château Ce Soir on Thursday. We are so pleased, and wish Russell continued health and happiness!

BRYN READINGAnother fine reading came along on Wednesday at The Magic Tree when master storyteller Bryn Taleweaver popped in to share a set of readings on HERE BE DRAGONS. These mythical creatures fill our fantasies with tales of wonder – and woe. Monumental battles and moments sweet and serene were related in stories by various writers including R.R.R. Tolkein. We so enjoyed the mystical stories and were delighted at every turn of the page. From sleeping dragons to fire-breathing behemoths, we had it all! Bryn will return on August 03 when he’ll regale us with Sea Stories. By the way, Nessie was mentioned…and I bet we’ll hear something more next time!

RUSSELL SINGS SUMMERYes, it’s been a wonderful summer week at Ce Soir Arts…and it’s not over yet! Music will waft over the sim on Thursday, when honoured troubadour Russell Eponym steps to the stage at Château Ce Soir. Come along at 2 PM to delight with 90 minutes of folk, blues, and beyond! It’s always a grand time that we enjoy with friends and some new folks who manage to find us on their way. Russell always brings his kindly energy – and a host of instruments including Monica the Harmonica and Martina the Martin Guitar – to sing for us an array of very special songs. Some pieces are of his own composition, and I often post the lyrics in local chat so that the beautiful poesy of his hand may be even more fully enjoyed. Don’t miss this show…

ANJ GUSTAFSONThe fun continues at 6 PM the talented and multifaceted musician Anj Gustafson will take the stage. He has quite a set-up, as he plays several instruments throughout the show. His musical prowess with both acoustic and electric guitar is just the beginning, as Anj brings lovely piano and a lilting flute along as well. He will take us on a tuneful journey with contemporary rock hits and some special tunes of his own writing (I’m very fond of Crystal Lake…!). Songs from the likes of Radiohead, Matchbox 20, and even Pink Floyd make every show with Anj fun – and very danceable! We invite you to come along every-other-Thursday to get your weekend party started with a good time and just the right fun attitude with Anj and friends!

MOSHANG 1aContinuing the mood, MoShang Zhao joins us for an hour of his inimitable CHILL. MoShang brings this cool and unique electronica to us, live from Taiwan each Thursday at 7 PM. This energizing yet soothing sound is one-of-a-kind and helps us to both celebrate and relax as Le Weekend comes along. These audio gems from The Sound Jeweler himself provide a perfect end-of-the-day respite – but can get your day started with an infusion of sweetness and vitality that is in perfect balance and harmony. MoShang offers smart banter peppered with humour and fascinating information about musical technology; add to that a bit of haiku from creative audience members and friends (especially Aladuns and Syrah!), and you’ve got an exceptional mix just right for a summer night.

So…we hope to see you soon! Grab a breeze and join us! The Magic Tree and Château Ce Soir 

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