Don’t let the heat get to you (if you’re in the northern hemisphere…)! Chill out with us this coming week!

Summer drones on – with all its fascinations and fun…and HEAT. WOW! The USA has really gotten warmed up in most states across the nation, and whilst it seems to be moderating a bit, it’s still VERY WARM out there! Europe has also been seeing high temps and sweltering weather – but if you’re in the autumn cool-down “down under,” even you will want to come along for these very cool events coming up this week at Ce Soir Arts. Check the schedule below and pop on over!

Oh. And don’t forget! August will bring a wonderful art exhibit with none other than the marvelous WILDSTAR BEAUMONT at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn. Stay tuned for details!

AAA JULY 26-27-29

Your chariot awaits HERE…!

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