TUESDAY: Readings with Poet Laureate Russell Eponym and Caledonia Skytower – Don’t Miss Either! And come dressed in your finest Western Wear for Cale’s WILD WESTERN WOMEN!

It is going to be a great summer day at Ce Soir Arts on Tuesday, 26 July! First, we’ve shifted the Windlight a bit, and we hope you’ll like it. Do let us know, as your feedback is important to us; your enjoyment on the sim is primary. Second, it’s always (as Æon reminds us) a balmy 72 degrees Fahrenheit at Ce Soir Arts! The humidity is low and the sun is always softly shining (or the stars are twinkling!) above. And third….well, read on!

RUSSELL Reads 122915 Closeup 3At NOON SLT, our weekly reading with Poet Laureate RUSSELL EPONYM will be held at The Magic Tree. Always a treat, Russell provides us with a Thought for the Day and brings us some outstanding music – both his own and that of other exceptional musicians. Along with that, he selects wonderful poetry and prose that is rich with imagery; his reading is superb, and you’ll enjoy his many voices and the way he infuses each work with his own special touch. He been reading Enid Blyton‘s delightful story “The Magic Faraway Tree,” and whilst we’re just about to wrap it up, each chapter holds its own as a literary gem. Come along to enjoy Russell‘s wit and wisdom with the sweet group of friends  – and new people too – who join us. We’ll be happy to see you!

CALE - Wild Western Women! 2 0716Then, after a short break, the wonderful CALEDONIA SKYTOWER will pop round to regale us with some excellent and engaging stories. Today, it’s WILD WESTERN WOMEN – tales written by women that highlight the courageous ladies who made settling the west possible. Their grace and strength shine through these stories filled with drama and humour. If you know Cale at all, you know of her beautiful reading skills, whether reading her own works or those of others. This time, she’ll be dressed in Western gear, and we will be too! You’re invited to join us – in spurs and hats or your everyday getup. We will welcome you! GIDDYUP!

As you can see, today will bring lots of smiles at Ce Soir Arts. Do join us!

Your trusty steed to The Magic Tree Reading Spot awaits!

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