WEDNESDAY: Dubhna Rhiadra takes us on a journey to everywhere with her superb readings…

Dubhna at The Magic Tree - 0416 - for advertsAs the summer week speeds by, we’ll have another hour of respite at The Magic Tree, this time with superb storyteller and writer, Dubhna Rhiadra. Storytime with Dubhna is not to be missed, and her original tales and the carefully chosen work of others are sure to please. Relax and enjoy soulful, expressive poetry and writings by known and unknown writers, and by her own pen. It’s always a wonderful mix; everything from the very serious to the delightfully humourous will get your attention. The reading is in Voice and we will be happy to welcome you in for this engaging hour.

To visit us at The Magic Tree, catch this breeze!

Dubhna has our attention at The Magic Tree
Dubhna has our attention at The Magic Tree

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