Celebrating Wildstar Beaumont’s SAILING Exhibit with Music at Château Ce Soir – Thursday with Russell and Anj!

We have a special treat in store that brings together some of the best music in SL with Wildstar Beaumont sharing gorgeous photographs in his SAILING art exhibit in Ce Soir Arts. It is our pleasure to host this exhibit – one which we have anticipated for some time. Let me say, it was worth the wait! <SMILE>

Russell Eponym at Château Ce Soir
Russell Eponym at Château Ce Soir

To celebrate this exceptional exhibit, join us at Château Ce Soir at 2 PM SLT for 90 minutes of RUSSELL EPONYM bringing us some exceptionally enjoyable music. The Russell Eponym sound is nothing short of magical, a growing collection of historical folk tales set to music and his own lovely compositions. Sweet melodies and toe-tapping tunes showcase his unique finger-picking guitar style, his velvety voice, and his talents with the harmonica, banjo, and even the kazoo! From dreamy love ballads to songs that will tickle your funnybone, Russell has them all! His support and involvement in the arts is legendary, and his celebration of Wildstar and this special exhibit is exuberant, to say the least!

Anj at Château Ce Soir
Anj at Château Ce Soir

The party continues at 6 PM SLT with none other than music master, the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist ANJ GUSTAFSON. An hour with Anj on stage is always fun, as his natural southern charm shines as he serenades with an eclectic mix of popular covers and songs of his own writing. Whether he is singing something from Radiohead or Pink Floyd, he’ll have you dancing and having a great time! My personal Anj original is Crystal Lake – an incredibly beautiful love song. SIGH…. So don’t miss this hour of cool music that will rock your world and fill your evening with smiles. Anj is a beloved member of the SL live music community – and for good reason: his shows are exciting and entertaining indeed!

Come on over and help us celebrate Wildstar in this stunning art exhibit…and don’t forget to get over to Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn to enjoy his work. The SAILING exhibit brings us exquisite photographs of beautiful seagoing vessels in glorious settings. Do visit and enjoy;  leave the artist a note in the Guest Book!

Wildstar Beaumont with SAILING at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn
Wildstar Beaumont: SAILING at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn

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