The Spoken Word SINGS at The Magic Tree!

Every week, the Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts, RUSSELL EPONYM, visits The Magic Tree and brings us a host of wonderment to enjoy. From reading great literature such as Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows or various of the Pippi Longstocking tales by Astrid Lindgren, to exquisite readings of a range of poetic verse (from the ancient to the moderne), RUSSELL has our rapt attention, each Tuesday at NOON SLT. Add to that the music he brings along – an array of exceptionally talented composers and musicians both classical and popular including RUSSELL himself, well, you’ve got an hour that is more than magical!

But that’s not all! RUSSELL begins each reading with lovely music and his eagerly-awaited Thought for the Day. These golden gems – thoughtful comments on life and its challenges and wonders – are collected eagerly by all who gather. Indeed, it is the rare person who is unaffected by these words of wisdom. RUSSELL always notes carefully that the ideas expressed are only to be considered by each person; indeed his gentility about the Thought for the Day is part of its charm and sweetness. He tackles some very important and even difficult topics, but always with a positive attitude and outlook. We so enjoy this opening of every reading – and whilst sometimes it is unavoidable to arrive late, we all strive to land in time!

This week will be as all the rest: an hour of enjoyment and enchantment with RUSSELL and friends. Do join us at The Magic Tree!

RUSSELL Reading at The Magic Tree
RUSSELL Reading at The Magic Tree

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On the following day (Wednesday at NOON), we also will have the wonderful storyteller, BRYN TALEWEAVER in at The Magic Tree. His readings are always fascinating and very well-presented, as BRYN has a great voice and his accents are always spot on! His choices for readings can range from the sublime to the ridiculously funny, and we always have a grand time when he is here. This visit, BRYN is reading SEA STORIES – a collection of seagoing adventures for us to enjoy. How fitting a topic this is, as WILDSTAR BEAUMONT has his photographic exhibit on the theme of SAILING. We love it – and you will too! Come round at Noon this Wednesday and be charmed and delighted by one of SL’s newer – and very talented – readers! Wear your seafaring gear, if you like – but do bring your smile and settle in for a series of tales that will capture your imagination!

BRYN July_004

Your vessel awaits to transport you to The Magic Tree Reading Spot!

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