Summer marches on at Ce Soir Arts…with art, spoken word, and music events to enjoy!


SCHEDULE DONE!It’s an extra-busy week for us IRL, as it’s time for the traditional les vacances. The French heritage that imbues our family with a love of language and toutes les choses en français, has us primed for our annual “time out.” Activities and entertainment at Ce Soir Arts continue throughout the month, but we won’t be quite as ubiquitous as usual. We’ll attend every event and enjoy tending to the sim, as always, but we’ll likely not be joining additional events around the grid – in favour of sweet rest and relaxation (mixed with a spot of travel). Sweet iced tea on the veranda with a good book sounds inviting, n’est-ce pas ?

So…there is fun to be had in August at Ce Soir Arts! With Wildstar Beaumont exhibiting his beautiful photographic work in at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn, many admirers of art have been visiting. Indeed, the SAILING Exhibit is worthy of attention. Exquisite vessels and gorgeous seascapes await you!

In addition – wonderful spoken word artists and musicians will be engaged here, so do take part when you can. The week’s schedule is at the left…and don’t forget that MoShang Zhao is away, but will return on 18 August. I inadvertently left his show on the schedule. We do miss him!

Come…be inspired tonight!


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