What a night! Triple-threat of greatness at Château Ce Soir!

Russell Eponym at Château Ce Soir
Russell Eponym at Château Ce Soir

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – there is nothing like THURSDAYS at Château Ce Soir! Starting off with Russell Eponym and his outstanding folk, blues and beyond – LIVE from Wales – the stage is set for the entire evening. His intricate finger-style guitar (and array of very special stringed instruments), coupled with the harmonica – and those fabulous acrylic nails for a bit of percussion – makes for some fine music that fills the sim with magic. Add-in that incredibly velvety voice – and that fun, warm banter – well, it’s pretty hard to beat! When the Eponymous Family gathers – with new people bopping in all the time – it’s an extravaganza of fun! Russell gets us laughing and dancing…and then he croons a series of beautiful love songs that melt the heart and we’re off on a flight of fancy and sweetness that defies definition. You must come experience this for yourself! Do come join us each Thursday at 2 PM SLT. We will warmly welcome you!

Anj at Château Ce Soir
Anj at Château Ce Soir

After a break, we were all primed for more exceptional music – and did we have some of that in store? Yessir, we did, and we started out with a BANG! as the one-and-only ANJ GUSTAFSON took the stage at 6 PM. Kiran could not be with us as a power outage kept her from logging in, and she missed a stellar show. We were happy to discover later that she is just fine – and we’ll see her next time. Anj carried on in style, bringing his quite considerable talents to bear on a spectacular show. Fans and friends dropped in throughout, and they were not disappointed, as Anj was ON IT! Whether he was tickling the ivories, giving the guitar a workout, or tuning up the synthesizer, the range of songs in the set was just perfect and filled with that special Anj energy we just can’t seem to get enough of! Yah, I know I ended that last sentence with a preposition…but who cares? We had such a great time – and are already looking forward to Anj at his next session in two weeks’ time. Come on over!

MoShang Zhao
MoShang Zhao

We’d been missing MoShang Zhao these past three weeks, as he was on a business trip related to his music and the equipment he creates. Traveling to the USA from Taiwan, he met with many well-known musicians and producers – and they are interested in working with him, as we knew they would be! He’s exploring so many options right now, and we are thrilled for him. After all, we want everyone to know about and experience THE CHILL! That’s just what we did for an exciting hour as people stuck around after Anj does his set – and others came in besides. The music was soooo cool it was hot – and the dancing and banter were priceless! Having done without the CHILL for a few weeks, we fell into the groovy groove immediately – and we stayed there, happy as clams, for the whole hour. MoShang had a couple of new numbers to share, and they were as terrific as the rest – we always know we’re going to have the best when MoShang is in the Château…err…house…err…Château! He’ll be back next week with more…so come join us for both Nuvolino (who will be here at 6 next week with his inimitable trance and ambient sounds) and MoShang! You’ll be glad you did!

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