Les vacances bring joy…and so do activities at Ce Coir Arts!

Les vacances continue for us, and we are having a great time – and getting quite a bit of rest in the offing. We hope that you are relaxing and enjoying the wrap of summer as well.

Come round the sim at any time and wander to your heart’s content. Grab the LM notecard that is available at the entrance of Château Ce Soir and at the entrance of the Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn – just click Mr. Crane and he will be more than happy to provide!

Speaking of Château Ce Soir and Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn…there are things happening at those two places (and at The Magic Tree Reading Spot) that you do not want to miss this week! See the schedule below and come join us for simply outstanding readings and musical shows as well as a stellar art exhibit open throughout the month of August (and perhaps beyond…).

FIRST, the exhibit! Explorer, fleet captain, and outstanding photographer WILDSTAR BEAUMONT presents spectacular views of beautiful sailing vessels that glide the waters in SL. From stately tall ships, majestic in relief on shining seas lit afire by blazing sunsets – to lone skiffs moored near rocky shores – to grand lighthouses providing a beacon of hope to all seafaring adventurers, Wildstar showcases the watery beauty of SL like no other. Visit Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn and enjoy!

Note the schedule below of readings with our Poet Laureate Russell Eponym and soulful storyteller Dubhna Rhiadra this week –  along with musical programmes  with “folk, blues, and beyond” with Russell; original trance and ambient sounds with Nuvolino; and the fabulous CHILL with MoShang Zhao for the week ahead. Every single one has something special to offer!


Catch the breeze of your choice… 

Château Ce Soir – Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn – The Magic Tree Reading Spot

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