This was the week that was…and it was wonderful!

SCHED NOWWe had a grand time this week – and we thank all those who joined us. Each event was filled with enjoyment! RUSSELL EPONYM, Poet Laureate of Ce Soir Arts provided a delightful hour of prose, poetry, and music at The Magic Tree on Tuesday. He’s reading from Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren – and it is charming indeed! Thank you, Veronica, for the great suggestion! Add-in his genuinely thought-provoking Thought for the Day and some amazing music and snippets of other writing, and there’s truly something special for everyone! Come join us next week at Noon SLT!

DUBHNA RHIADRA brought out one of her excellent original tales filled with wonder – and beautiful unicorns! It was a fascinating read at The Magic Tree on Wednesday at 3 PM SLT, and everyone got swept up in the magic of it all. I could just see her words take flight as the herd of unicorns rose up from the sea to gallop elegantly over the beach in wisps of silvery mist. Enchanting! We’re cooking up a special event around this very story – so do look for that soon. I guarantee that it will not be something you’ll want to pass you by…

RUSSELL again charmed us with his lovely music on Thursday at Château Ce Soir. As his velvety voice filled the hall with magic, everyone danced and sang along – with the banter flying! We even had RUSSELL himself chuckling as his special guitar (Martina) and harmonica (Monica) provided a lovely soundtrack! He can play that intricate fingerstyle like nobody’s business! (That’s a distinctly American phrase and it means something very, very good, indeed!) The Château was hopping and a grand time was had by all! Come enjoy with us next week – and check the latest blog post for SPECIAL INFORMATION!

Thursday night, the outstanding Australian musician – wizard of trance and electronic music – NUVOLINO drew a crowd and we grooved the hour away, dancing to the beat as the sounds moved us. What FUN! He brought out a brand-new track too – and it’s a star! He’ll be back – brilliant light-show and all – in two weeks’ time. Don’t miss it! Remember that ANJ GUSTAFSON will be in next week at 6 with his own awesome tunes – and MOSHANG ZHAO will follow at 7, as he does each week.

Speaking of MOSHANG, he took the stage and provided his exceptional CHILL as an elegant slide into the night. He follows NUVO seamlessly (ANJ too, on opposite weeks!), and we are always ready for the humming downbeat electronica that the Sound Jeweler brings our way every Thursday. It’s stunning music, and his presentation of it is absolutely perfect. All the way from Taiwan, MoShang truly does deliver the CHILL – and just in time for an hour of relaxation and energy that suits us just fine!

WILDSTAR BEAUMONT has a wonderful art exhibit going at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn. SAILING brings us exquisite photographs of beautiful seagoing vessels in glorious settings. Gorgeous craft, the wind billowing their sails and the sun reflecting off them in various angles, invite us to dream of adventure! Stately lighthouses call the way to those at sea… Each photograph is unique and beautiful. Do visit and enjoy – and leave the artist a note in the Guest Book, as the exhibit will end soon. Watch here for details – and take the artist’s notecard so that you can view his work wherever it is being displayed in-world.

We hope to see you next week – for more fun and fabulous artistry. That schedule will be posted soon. In the meantime, hop on over to Ce Soir Arts and have a look around. Take the LM notecard from Mr. Crane at landing, and see it all!


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