This week’s schedule…and great news!

This is such a busy time for us – coming off les vacances and diving back into work. This is especially so for Æon, as his schedule has changed for the autumn. This will mean that he will be late to some events and need to miss some entirely…which saddens us both. At the moment, we’ve not come up with a solution, so please bear with us. Thank you!

We’ve got some special readings planned this week. Of course, RUSSELL always brings delightful poetry, prose, and music for us to enjoy. The adventures of one Miss Pippi Longstocking will continue, and the wonderful Thought for the Day will give us something to ponder. This is a don’t-miss reading at The Magic Tree, so do come long!

Stay too, and enjoy beloved Spoken Word artist Caledonia Skytower, who will take us on a continuing adventure called “Around the World in Folktales.” Such wonder from varying cultures we will enjoy as she continues the journey. Fascinating folktales reveal to us the ways of life various cultures espouse – and it’s truly a delight to learn! She’ll be opening these stories to us at 1:30 PM SLT. Pop on over for a lovely time!

On Wedensday, talented reader BRYN TALEWEAVER is on tap for a venture into TALES OF THE MACABRE! His vocal characterizations are stunning, and you won’t want to miss the fright and intrigue of these spooky stories! Bryn lands at The Magic Tree at Noon, and we hope you’ll journey over to enjoy the hour of riveting, chilling tales!

THURSDAY will be very special, as RUSSELL opens the SU2C fundraising season at Château Ce Soir, 2 PM SLT. His fabulous folk, blues, and beyond will have us dancing and donating to this fantastic cause! Look for another posting with much more information this week!

Of course, none other than the multi-talented Anj Gustafson will drop in at 6 PM SLT at Château Ce Soir with his stage full of instruments – and that stunning voice! We always have a great time when Anj is here, because he knows just how to entertain us with style! He has everything from keyboards to flutes (not to mention those awesome guitars!) in his musical arsenal – and he knows how to use them! Add that great voice and a grand and growing repertoire…well, come on over and see for yourself!

As Anj leaves the stage, our wonderful Sound JewelerMoShang Zhao travels in from Taiwan to charm us with his own transcendent Chinese CHILL. This music is so cool that you have to experience it to believe how soothing and energising (at the same time!) it truly is. This elegant slide into the night starts at 7 PM SLT…so don’t miss it!

More good news! WILDSTAR BEAUMONT has agreed to keep his beautiful SAILING Art Exhibit going through mid-September at Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn! We could not be happier, and invite you to come enjoy these gorgeous SAILING photographs. WILDSTAR brings his sailing acumen to this collection, and the grandeur of these ancient and more modern craft is evident. Stunning lighting and environmental settings highlight the beauty of sails as they billow in the winds – and gorgeous skies at dawn or sunset glow with magic as these ships pass by. You’ll feel – as one visitor noted – as though you are simply standing on shore and watching the ships glide past on oceans still or frothy. Wonderful!

Check the schedule posted, and come enjoy the magnificent readings, fabulous music, and stunning artwork that awaits you at Ce Soir Arts. We will be happy to welcome you!


Catch the breeze of your choice… 

Château Ce Soir – Côte de la Mer Galerie & Lawn – The Magic Tree Reading Spot


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